Has RW ever fixed the Twitter will not sent to RW numbers

I have been locked out of my twitter account because I can not get a verification code texted to my RW number
has RW worked with twitter to address this issue?
Is there an option that will allow me to trick twitter to send the text to me?
Twitter support is pure ■■■■ so I have come here where I hope to get an answer

This is a FCC/Twitter problem to fix, not really something that Republic can change.


I registered using a google voice number.


Hi @foote and welcome to the Community!

As mentioned by @jben, this isn’t a Republic issue to fix per se. And, yes, Republic has tried in the past to get Twitter to accept its numbers despite their VoIP status.

As mentioned by @ceedee, Twitter does accept Google Voice numbers despite those also being VoIP.

We’re happy to do our best, however, my opinion of Twitter support (which matches yours) has led me to leave Twitter in my rear view mirror.


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