Has Sprint coverage changed?


A while back I opened the thread below regarding problems messaging while roaming.

Now I see the Sprint coverage map has a new legend in which they describe “extended LTE” as roaming with the ability to message. Just plain roaming appears to be for voice only. Perhaps this is why messaging quit for the legacy models on Sprint as discussed in that locked thread. It might also explain why call setup (DTMF) was hit or miss.


I think coverage is always changing (in small ways roaming contract expire and new ones made (and why the PRL needs to be updated)
it wasn’t to long ago that there was no LTE roaming at all
what extended LTE seams to be is doing is a VoLTE Voice Roaming (part of the Competitive Carriers Association and it’s Rural Roaming Preferred Provider program announce a few years ago http://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-reaches-4g-lte-roaming-agreements-with-15-additional-rural-carriers.htm)
here a roaming map calling out nation wide Sprint Native, Extended(4G LTE), and Roaming(3G) networks https://coverage.sprint.com/roamingmap.jsp
of coursse the best map to determind coveage for Sprint is their coverage map (zoom to local)


I can no longer pull up their legend. I can display voice or data but the legend that concerned me no longer appears when I select it. When it did appear there were two types of roaming, with and without messaging. Take your second link and see if you can get the legend. I bring this up because if I’m interpreting this correctly the RW CDMA coverage map needs to be changed.


one need to be zoomed in to get the full legend

as the Extend LTE is still a type of Roaming I’m not sure how much is wrong with Republic map
they look very simular


I zoomed all the way in and still can’t get the legend. Since you can see it compare Extended LTE with off network roaming. There is no Extended LTE in the huge area where messaging doesn’t work for us so I’m presuming roaming without extended LTE includes voice only.


Roaming data is very hit and miss (when 1.0 had roaming data include I often had no data while roaming, roaming agreements are local and not all include data (some roaming towers are just voice)


Yes, but you will remember from that old thread that messaging was suddenly lost over a huge area involving numerous towers. It isn’t hit-or-miss, it is just gone. They had to switch to the GSM provider to get messaging back.