Has your order been delayed? Fulfillment center processing issues for November 2018

Delay of fulfillment

Many orders placed in our online store beginning around Thanksgiving have experienced an unusual delay.

An increase in the number of orders over the Thanksgiving holiday, while the fulfillment center was closed, created a somewhat-anticipated backlog of orders. Our fulfillment partner stepped up to expedite the processing of those orders to minimize any impact. However, to compound matters, the automated processing system has had some unexpected system errors, resulting in orders being unable to be picked, packed, and handed over to the shipper in the usual time-frame.

Our fulfillment center is working extra shifts to continue to fulfill all our orders as quickly as possible.

If your order has been delayed here’s what you need to know:

  1. Our Help teams are not located at the fulfillment center and cannot locate, pack, ship, or speed up the processing of your order. They have very little visibility into where in the process your order is, knowing only whether or not it has been assigned a tracking number.
  2. If you’ve been billed, your order will ship. We apologize for the unexpected delay and we will get your order to you as quickly as we can.
  3. Our Help agents have no method to cancel an order. If you decide you no longer want this order, once it arrives you can return it according to the terms of our Money Back Guarantee.

In short, opening a ticket will not result in a quicker delivery of your phone; the fulfillment team is doing everything it can to get the orders shipped, and our Help technicians have no additional resources to speed things along or cancel orders.

Activation error on some delayed phones

In addition to the fulfillment delay, the processing error is also causing a delay in activation in some cases. If your phone arrives after a delay and you get an “Uh oh” error screen when you try to activate, the database needs to be updated with some key information in order for the phone to activate. In cases we’ve seen so far, this update has processed automatically, just later than intended. However, if you’d like to open a ticket for assistance in this matter, please be sure to include the phone’s MEID and the SIM card’s ICCID.

Both numbers may be available in the Republic app’s “About” screen, but if not, the SIM card’s ICCID is printed on the plastic SIM “credit card”, and instructions to obtain the MEID are here: How to Find the Device ID (IMEI/MEID) – Republic Help

Our apologies and actions toward a quick resolution

Please know that we appreciate the trust you’ve demonstrated in us by choosing Republic Wireless and placing an order in our store, and we apologize for these delays. We have put additional resources into expediting these orders. Our fulfillment partner has flown in additional staff from other locations, staff who are already trained on the same equipment and processes who can step capably into place to help clear the existing backlog. Staff from our Republic Wireless headquarters have traveled to the fulfillment center to work the fulfillment lines as well. We’re upgrading shipping when possible to try to make up some time on the delivery, and we’re contacting those with overnight orders personally.

Thank you for the patience so many of you have already demonstrated in the tickets and online conversations that have taken place so far. We greatly appreciate your gracious attitude toward this matter.


I purchased a new phone on 11/29/18 and paid for expedited “next day” shipping. It will be FIVE days before the package arrives. I’d like to request a refund for the expedited shipping upcharge, since it was not received “next day.”

Hi @colbyk,

You should have received an E-mail yesterday morning at 10:42 a.m. ET about your delayed order, through our help ticket system. If you do not see that message in your E-mail, you can access it by signing in here:


Thanks for posting this. Placed my order on 11/24. The reps I reached out to gave me 2GB of free data (just for the rest of my billing cycle) to compensate, but the unfortunate part is I ordered to replace a phone that is quickly deteriorating in quality and usability. Hopefully it all gets straightened out soon.

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Thank you for the post.
My order for a new SIM was delayed and the tracking showed label created on 11/28 from Smryna, TN but did not reach USPS Smyrna office until 12/1. I contacted customer support and was told it was still within the 2-5 business days so hold tight.
It would have been nice if they were just upfront that there was a delay in the processing.
Thank you for this post. This explains a lot about the strange delay.

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I broke my phone over Thanksgiving vacation, so I purchased a phone on 11/30, but it won’t be here until 12/5. Is there a refund I could receive because we requested expedited shipping? Thank you!

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Hi @zachariahh,

I moved your question into an existing topic on the matter, to keep the conversation focused in one place. We are working through some credits for members with expedited shipping. If you’d like to open a ticket to make the request, our Help team will be glad to help you.

A new phone was ordered late afternoon on 11-29-18 for my friend to become a new member of RW. It is in the name of [redacted]. The order said that it would be shipped the next business day and there has been no word since the original acknowledgement of any kind. It is to be shipped to my house in FL as he is to be here visiting and I will assist him in setting up his phone with RW. We are worried that this will be delayed and create a problem about it not arriving while he is here. Can you help.

Hi @mackeys.azaxio,

As I mentioned in the above announcement, our staff really cannot do anything in this situation.

If the phone arrives after his visit has ended, perhaps you could set it up for him, and then I’d be glad to provide you a shipping label so you can send it to him at our expense. I know that’s not ideal, but it’s the only solution I can think of right now.

Thank you. I am a customer - [redacted]. And highly recommended RW to my friend. I am just surprised that we have not received any notice of shipment after four days (2 business days). I just don’t want to be the cause of so much confusion for him. But I do appreciate your response.

It is a very unusual fulfillment situation. Thank you for recommending your friend, and I’m sorry we’re getting off to a poor start with him. We’re working very hard to make things right, even sending some of our central office staff to the fulfillment center to work on the fulfillment lines.

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I had to break away for a time but, as I said, I appreciate your response and maybe the next couple of days will improve the situation. If I can get the phone by the end of the week, then I will still have time to get it set up for him. If not, then I will have to take what comes and just deal with it. Sorry that you guys are being screamed at as I know that you are doing the best that you can. Thanks again.

I ordered a new SIM card on 11/23 around 8am for a new phone. It is now 12/4 and no sim card. That’s almost 2 weeks! I am desperate because my old phone is on its last legs-battery won’t hold charge. Two weeks is pretty unreasonable. I may have to buy a cheap tracphone to tide me over. I am heading out of town shortly for a week, so even if it comes this week, I won’t be able to get it. I am enormously frustrated. This prompts the following two questions.

  1. Can I take the RW SIM card out of my Nexus 6p and insert it into a new Google pixel 3 XL for the short-term?
  2. The Google pixel 3 offers something called sim-free setup, whereby you can do this all over the web without having to insert a physical Sim card. However, I cannot figure out if this option is available if the provider is RW. It is available for the big providers. Can anybody help me by answering these two questions? Many thanks!

Hi @wildflowerz,

Maybe? If the SIM in your Nexus 6P is GSM, generally, it will move to another phone. If that SIM is CDMA, let us know and we’ll provide further insight. Here’s how to tell which SIM you have: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help

The Pixel’s SIM free setup option (also known as eSIM) doesn’t currently work with Republic.

Rolandh, thank you!!! Yes, the RW SIM card in my current Nexus 6P is a gsm card (yay)! So, before I remove it and put it into my new pixel 3xl, are there any special instructions, other than backing up the Nexus 6p? I don’t want to remove the SIM card, put it in the new phone, have a problem with it in the new phone, and then end up with neither phone working!

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Hi @wildflowerz,

There’s no special precautions to take. By design, it should simply be a matter of moving the SIM from your Nexus 6P to the Pixel 3 XL. You’ll need to install, then open the Republic app on the Pixel 3 XL, which will “activate” your SIM in the Pixel 3 XL. This is possible due to the nature of GSM technology, which allows for moving SIMs between phones. CDMA is different and more complicated, so, in this case, be happy you don’t have it.

My issue is that the website WAS NOT updated and the emails and website both said, “Most orders ship same day, blah, blah, blah.” That is FALSE ADVERTISING. I would have perhaps gone a different route, as I am in the same boat as others here and NEED THE PHONE. It is unacceptable to send me an email AFTER I have placed the order, paid for expedited shipping and then find out that no one knows how long it will be until the phone ships. EXTREMELY POOR customer service and very disappointed.


Hi @donnaw.hadoyt,

We are working on getting the messages changed in the online store. Unfortunately, updating the website is a complicated process (it doesn’t seems like it should be, but it is) and changes there take time.

We did not “already” know we had big problems, and I apologize if my message suggested that. We anticipated increased orders over the Thanksgiving holiday and prepared for that case. We did not, however, anticipate the additional issues that have created the current backlog.

You said you would have gone a different route. Do you have an option to get a phone locally or quickly? You can return the phone you ordered from Republic under the Money Back Guarantee.

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I ordered a phone with two day shipping.
My order didn’t arrive until six days later, it was over the Thanksgiving weekend and originally I was notified that my phone would arrive on Friday, but came on Monday instead.
I notified Republic and they credited my account for the shipping.
I really appreciate the way Republic handled it.
I didn’t have to wait an hour on the phone, just a couple of emails and the matter was resolved.

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