Has your order been delayed? Fulfillment center processing issues for November 2018


I would have explored getting it from Amazon, which I did previously. Is there any indication of how long the process may take at this point? I’d rather get it directly from you, but I cannot continue to be without a phone for an extended period of time.


Hi @donnaw.hadoyt,

I don’t have a specific date to promise. We’ve made this a top priority, and both Republic Wireless and the fulfillment partner are doing everything they can, including adding shifts and additional staff, to get these orders filled as quickly as possible.

I’m sorry this is leaving you without a phone. Did you know you can keep up with text messages by using Republic Anywhere on a computer or tablet? You can download the software to do so from the links just below the incredibly happy family at https://republicwireless.com/republic-anywhere/


Would I get a phone sooner if I just went and ordered another one right now that supposedly won’t have the processing system errors? I would just send back the extra one whenever it showed up.


We received the phone. Then we received the SIM card. Unfortunately, there was no key. Now we need a key to insert the card.


A paperclip bent straight should work for you.


Hi @craigc.7rchk8,

I really don’t think there’s any certainty that an order placed now would reach you any faster than one placed previously.


So Republic Wireless essentially knew when I ordered my new phone to replace a broken one it would not arrive on time and even after I opened a help ticket kept telling me they were waiting for the shipper to update when they knew all along it was their fulfillment center? I have been told “we are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you”. Inconvenience does not even BEGIN to describe what chaos you have caused! People NEED their phones for various reasons and when the fulfillment center drops the ball there are real consequences for real people and this is made even more difficult when you are being treated like you are stupid when you try to find the order you paid for and feeling lied to when you find out RW knew all along that there were problems.


Not to minimize your frustration, but at least RW is responding to their customers and taking steps to resolve and sometimes, compensate its customers. Where as, Google’s Project Fi service, has been unreachable for the last 2 weeks or so. They even sent me an email that literally states, “We are too busy to address you issue…”.

R.W. Customer Service, as a whole, is something I keep coming back to as above the rest.


How do I get order status? In various places in this help forum, it says to go to: Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless

But there is no actual status. It just shows the invoice. So how do I find the status of the order?



The order status would be listed on the invoice. It would say new purchase before it is shipped and shipped when the phone is shipped.


Last update post is from 3 days ago (12/2) - any word on shipping delays? I haven’t even received a shipping confirmation email, yet, and it’s been FIVE days.
Is there any news?


Nope. Not correct. I am holding in my hand a package that shows up on the invoice page as “New purchase”. Not “shipped”.

So, again, how do I get status?



Err… That should have been “How do I get status on another package?” Not on the one that I have already received.



Hi @tammyp,

If you’ve been told that we’re waiting for the shipper to update, then that is probably where your particular shipment is in processing, or the agent made a mistake. As I mentioned above, there is very little we can tell about where the process any package is, until it is updated by the shipper. No one is trying to treat you like you’re stupid.

We try to provide our agents the right information so that they can provide as much clarity as possible to our members. We are doing everything possible to get each order fulfilled and to you, as we do understand that you need the phone.

We did not know when you placed the order that it would not arrive on time. We cannot anticipate which orders will be processed within the expected time and which ones will not, however, we have updated language on our website as quickly as we could to indicate that we are experiencing delays. I’m very sorry to learn that we did not get that message updated in time to allow you to make a more informed buying decision.

If there is something specific I can do for you, please let me know, but please understand there is nothing I can do that would get the phone to you any more quickly.


Hi @erics.ownm5s,

I’m afraid nothing has changed since the original post. We continue to experience delays and are working diligently to get as many orders processed each day as possible.


Hi @hansh.nlfkwa,

We are not currently able to provide a real-time status for your order. The status will update in the account portal as we work through the backlog.


OK, thanks.

When I ordered, it (a Moto X4) was listed as “backordered”. I was just wondering if they are shipping, or if they are still on backorder.



The fulfillment delays we are experiencing are separate from the inventory status of any phone we offer. If the phone is back-ordered it will be indicated in the Account portal. As of this morning we had three orders on back-order, I believe those were all support-related replacement shipments, not orders.


I am posting my experience in the matter to give you who are still waiting some idea how things might be progressing.

We ordered a phone on 11/29 sometime in the afternoon.
The ETA on shipping page was 11/30 [shipping method redacted].
It did not arrive by that time and we had not received shipping email confirmation.
We opened trouble ticket and we were told that email shipping confirmation probably be received in 24 to 48 business hours. That would be Monday evening, 12/3. Nothing was received by that time.

On 12/5, at about 2:45 PM CST , I checked my front steps because I was expecting a different package. The phone was sitting on the front steps.

So it arrived 3 business days (72 business hours) later than the original estimate on the shipping page. I NEVER received a shipping confirmation email (with tracking info) that it had been shipped. BTW, I did check my spam bin and it was not there either. Because I had no tracking info, someone could have walked off with it before I had discovered it.


The phone was sitting on the front steps…
Because I had no tracking info, someone could have walked off with it before I had discovered it.

Hi @maryz.ipyxif

A cool feature that the major shippers have is the ability to tell you if you have an incoming package for free. You can sign up, verify who you are, and they can keep track of your packages even if any shipper in general doesn’t let keep you updated. (UPS My Choice / Fedex Delivery Manager / USPS Informed Delivery)