Has your order been delayed? Fulfillment center processing issues for November 2018


Unfortunately, it doesn’t help if the issue is the package has yet to be handed off to the shipper, which I believe is what’s happening here. On another note, 3 out of my last 4 Amazon Prime deliveries have been late (and tracking info wasn’t always accurate there either), so it seems as if the whole fulfillment and logistics chain is struggling to some degree under the weight of the season.

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I have no doubt Republic is doing everything possible to alleviate the situation. I believe the reality is the “supply chain” generally is strained.


Placed an order for a new Moto G6, charge card shows payment. Not a word about my order from republic. Every other online retailer keeps customers informed of order status. What is the deal republic?? Should I purchase else where??


Hi @ericd.f1g7io,

I’ve moved your question into a topic on the shipping delay issue we are facing. You can read the top-most post for further information on the big picture.

Your order appears to still be in a processing state at the fulfillment center, where they are working extra shifts to try to get all the orders caught up.


So I ordered 2 phones on the 26, a moto Z3 and a moto X4. I got an email that the moto X4 would be delayed because it was back ordered and that my full shipment would be delayed because of this. Flash forward to today, I got the X4 but there was no Z3 in the package. I was wondering if there was some kind of error related to this shipping trouble or if not if I could get some kind of tracking number for the Z3,


Hi @fredr.k2cux2,

We keep items together with their entire order, so this is a mistake, and you’ll need to open a ticket so our Help team can sort things out for you.


Some recent experiences: Ordered power adapter 2-day Prime from Amazon yesterday (Tuesday). Package given to UPS today and now showing delivery Saturday (day 5).

Ordered computer from Newegg with 2 day delivery about ten days ago. Was given to FedEx in California on same day and took them 7 full days to get it to me in DC.

Ordered gift from B&H in NY, again two day delivery. Today was day 8 and the third day in a row FedEx shows it “Out for Delivery”.

There are serious logistics gremlins out there right now.


Yup. I paid for an item for “Guaranteed Next day delivery” from Amazon Prime…6 days ago now.
The Amazon Warehouse it is shipping from is only 20 miles from my home, but you can not pick up items there.


I paid for next day shipping, that was two days ago…I have not received an email that it was shipped. I’m completely in the dark on the arrival of this phone which i desperately need. any suggestions?


Republic’s fulfillment centers are experiencing excessive delays due to the holiday overload and other issues.
Many orders have been delayed.
You should get an email when the order is processed and is shipped.


Hi @andrewk.yqkb1w,

I’m afraid there’s information available to us at this time about the status of your order. It is still in a processing state at the fulfillment center and we have extra staff there working extra shifts to try to get these orders processed as quickly as possible.


Okay, small rant here. I ordered a new phone on 11/29/18. I have yet to receive any information as to the status of this order, other than finding out that if I have been charged (which I have been, same day as the order was placed, apparently no issues with the billing department) that it will be shipped. We are now two weeks past Thanksgiving. An update as to the status of this “anticipated backlog” would be appreciated.


Hi @gregk,

I’m not sure what else I can tell you that would be helpful. The reports I can view indicate that your order has not yet been handed over to the shipper.

We have extra staff working extra shifts at the fulfillment center, sending our own staff to work alongside the partner company’s staff in an effort to process these orders as quickly as possible.


What would be helpful is more information: how large a backlog, estimates to shipping times, etc. Also, notification concerning the delays on the Shop/Order section as you placed an order would have been helpful rather than it being a surprise. My frustration (which stems from being left in limbo with the situation) is showing through here.


I agree with Greg, I had delivery issues with SIMS for my daughters new phone. It did get resolved with a fairly short delay, but I couldn’t get any info even when I ask for it. I finally received tracking info for 2 of 4 shipments about 2 hours before they delivered. Never received tracking info for the other 2. I understand things happen that cause delays. The major frustration is not being made aware of the issue without asking whats going on and even more frustration when you still get no answers after asking. If you are still having fulfillment issues or if you do any other time this should be posted during the ordering process so the customers expectations our set at the time of ordering. If a delay occurs after the order is place the customer should be notified of this without asking. I did receive a credit for my trouble, which I greatly appreciate, but upfront notifications of problems or possible delays is always the best thing to provide the customer.


As soon as the issue became obvious the ordering site was updated to read: “Due to high seasonal demand, please allow several business days for shipping.” on every single item page.


Good to know it was addressed for those who ordered after me. Still doesn’t help the fact that myself, who ordered before the issue was obvious was never made aware of any issue.


Hi @gregk and @jasonk.8mqiz6,

We understand the frustration, we’re equally frustrated. There are no answer to your questions because we don’t have those answers. Our fulfillment partner is not able to tell us when these orders will make it to the shipper. We know only that there is an extreme effort underway to get the orders processed.

@gregk has the shipping delay left you stranded without a phone?


If your fulfillment partner can’t give you any info it sounds like Republic might have a much larger problem. Might be time to start looking for a better fulfillment partner.


I have no inside information, however, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if such a thing were under consideration. Alas, doing so wouldn’t help with the current unfortunate circumstances.

Nor, is Republic and its fulfillment partner alone. 3 of my last 4 Amazon Prime orders arrived late. In one instance, it was over a week late. Amazon wasn’t able to offer any meaningful information as to where it was while in transit for that week either. C’est la vie.


Google Fi is having the same issue. Lots and lots of Reddit threads time this one: https://redd.it/a3t1g1

Does the answer to the shipping question in their FAQ sound familiar?