Has your order been delayed? Fulfillment center processing issues for November 2018


Yep, the wonderful world of online shopping isn’t as perfect as everyone thought it would be. Sometimes you just can’t beat seeing it on a shelf and walking out of the store with your new item on the spot. The only waiting to enjoy it is probably just a short ride home.


Good morning,
The delay has left me with a slowly deteriorating phone (battery and functionality issues).




I also ordered a Moto G6 + Incipio case on 11/29, and have received no email indicating that my order has shipped, just the one saying that my order had been placed. I’m a college student and will be returning home for winter break within the next week, and was wondering, if my phone does not arrive before I leave, how I could best re-route my delivery to my home address (without having a tracking number)?

Thank you for all you guys do!




Hi @hannahg.pv49hc,

I’ll work with you by private message to see what we can figure out.


Hi @gregt.dnrx91,

I’m sorry, there’s just no available information about your order at this time.


Please note that there is a $5 charge for re-route if you are basic member.


Good morning, @gregk, @andrewk.yqkb1w, @erics.ownm5s @craigc.7rchk8. Unfortunately for your orders I do not have any news yet.

@ericd.f1g7io and @darrinw.1ba4yx , your orders now have tracking numbers, though the shipper is not yet reporting any activity. I’ll send that tracking number to you by personal message.

@hansh.nlfkwa, @tammyp, @donnaw.hadoyt, @wildflowerz, @mackeys.azaxio, @zachariahh, and @mikey.2mnfnm, I understand your orders are now delivered. Please let me know if there is anything further we can do for you.


Thank you.

You at least gave me an update.

Feel left out in the dark here.


Thank you RW for putting forth the effort to get the orders out as quickly as possible under the circumstances. My order was placed on Nov 27th and received the shipping confirmation via email this morning (Dec 8th) with tracking information. Hopefully that means others have received the shipping notice as well or will be receiving it shortly.

I’ve been a Republic Wireless customer for a few years now and generally their support and order process has been satisfactory. Like many on this post, I’m also very anxious to receive the item I ordered.

Hopefully this was a one time event. However in the future it would be helpful to get better notification about order delays of this magnitude. The information should be easily accessible. I feel like this announcement was somewhat hidden and provided no information as to roughly when I should be expecting my order. For all I knew it could be several more weeks before I received the item. I’m glad to know that my order has shipped and hope the same will be true for others.


Can you check the status of my order too? Like @hannahg.pv49hc, I’m a college student heading home soon and I’m worried it’ll show up here after I leave.

Thanks SO MUCH for all you guys are doing to handle this situation!


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Also looking for status on order I placed on 11/29. Really shocked Republic has not sent any email regarding my order or these delays.


Hi @matthewh.i8igrr, I’m afraid we have no information from the fulfillment center regarding your order, except that the order was received by the fulfillment center and is still being processed.

I will let you know if I receive any further information.


Hi, I am also interested to know if there are any updates on my order. I placed the order 11/24 and have not heard anything since. My current phone is on its last legs, I need my new one. I’m seeing that people who ordered after me have gotten theirs shipped, that is ridiculous.


Hi @naomic,

As of the report I received Friday evening, your order did not yet have a tracking number assigned, and is still in a processing state in the fulfillment center. If you need to get a phone elsewhere, we can certainly help you find a phone that’s compatible with our service. You can return the one you ordered from us, once it arrives, under the terms of our money back guarantee.

Once I have any further news, I’ll certainly update you here again.


What about a SIM card. Will they ship any faster?


Hi @jordang.hwnlbf,

I don’t see a SIM card order associated with your account. I’m going to DM you to try to better understand what you’re asking and see if I might have a solution that works for you.


I ordered 2 Relay devices on 11/26. Other than the invoice and charge to my credit card, I haven’t heard anything yet. Please let me know my status.

Thank you.


Hi @colbyd.gyxwby,

You’ll need to get help from one of our Relay team members, perhaps in the Relay Neighborhood.