Has your order been delayed? Fulfillment center processing issues for November 2018


I have a phone ordered on 11/28!that seems to be in the same black hole as everyone else. I’m wondering if I just ordered a SIM card I could get it any faster. I could get a phone elsewhere.


Hi @jordang.hwnlbf,

I sent you a detailed reply by personal message.


Just to clarify, I had a sim card order and not a phone order. Not sure if that makes a difference.


When I ordered a SIM card on Dec 3 there was no indication at all on the RW Shop site that there might be huge delays. I was seeing things like orders placed before 5PM usually ship the same day so this is very frustrating. Here I am a week later and there’s still no indication that it has even shipped and it seems that orders placed a week before mine are only going out now. I understand that the fulfillment center working as fast as possible, blah, blah, blah but I’m wondering if there is even an estimated timeline for flushing out the backlog? Is it a day or two away from shipping or hopefully it’ll ship by the end of January, or what? My old phone is to the point of barely functional and I have the new phone ready and eager to step up and replace it, but I’m still waiting on a SIM card with not even a rough idea of when things might start looking up…


It has now been 16 days since we ordered a new phone for my daughter. I have never gotten more than “sorry we have system problems”. I can’t see how you haven’t cleaned this up yet. I am seriously starting to reconsider doing business with republic if this is the way they are doing business now. I need a firm delivery date so I can make plans or I will have to make other choices and move on. If I don’t have a shipping confirmation in the next 48 hours I will consider this a bad faith transaction and call my credit card provider to reverse the charges and make a negative filling with the BBB.


Hi @michaelc.rojsh9,

If what I’ve written before comes across to you only as “blah blah blah” then I have nothing better I can offer. We are told on a daily basis (weekdays) what orders have gone out, and that additional staff are working to process the backorders. Their instructions are to process orders on a first-in-first-out basis, but when there is an issue with one, I would imagine they don’t stop everything until that one is resolved. I think this is why we are seeing some newer orders ship before the older ones.

I’ll DM you to see if there is some other way I can help you.


Hi @craigc.7rchk8,

I can fully understand your having reached the end of your patience on this matter. Unfortunately, I don’t have any way to provide a firm delivery date, but I will keep updating this thread any time I do have new information.



I do understand that everyone is trying to fix the backlog. And I understand that ■■■■ happens sometimes. My real complaint is poor communication when a problem does exist. There are three points on this:

  1. I should never have had to check the forums before placing an order to see if there was a huge delay problem with orders that I should know about - that just wouldn’t even cross my mind. I placed my order well after Black Friday so I assumed that there wouldn’t be an issue. A week or so ago when there was a network problem a banner appeared that let people know hey, we know that something is wonky right now and we’re working on it. Something similar should have been done for the store. As soon as RW knew there was an issue with orders being able to go out quickly, it should have been made known to people who were considering placing an order.
  2. For people who placed orders that were affected, there should have been some kind of personal notification indicating the severity of the problem. My order confirmation email said the following: “Please note: Due to an increase in orders, we’re currently experiencing processing delays. If you have not received any progress on your order after two business days, please reach out to our Help team. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.” That doesn’t seem consistent with the magnitude of the problem that was really occurring. Therefore, a follow-up email should have been sent to affected orders letting them know that there is a significant delay rather than requiring people to find out about the true delay either through forums or the help desk.
  3. When things go wrong, it does take time to fix them but there are two important ingredients: a plan and a schedule. There does seem to be a plan (i.e. bring in additional people), but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of schedule or goal. You should be able to project when you’ll be caught up based on how many orders are going out. If you want to pad that estimate with a bit of conservatism I wouldn’t blame you, but this ties in to numbers 1 and 2. Figure out a schedule of when you think orders placed on a given day will actually get processed and then let people know that. While “we’re trying really hard” might be true, it’s not as helpful, as “we think orders placed on some date will ship on slightly conservative estimate date”.

Please understand that while I am expressing frustration, I am mainly trying to make recommendations on how to minimize the pain in the future.


I’m also missing an order placed on 11/29. While my immediate need isn’t as great as some other’s that I’ve just read, I feel it’s no less important considering I was immediately charged for my transaction. I would like a date that my order will ship. It is a Christmas gift for my son and I honestly thought it’d be no problem to get it here by then considering the gap in time from when I ordered it until now


Hello again. I have reviewed today’s report based on any progress over the weekend, but unfortunately, there is not much improvement.

@gregt.dnrx91, @gregk, @andrewk.yqkb1w, and @craigc.7rchk8, @matthewh.i8igrr, @naomic, your order’s status has not changed.

@benjaminb.s8idvk, your order, like the rest of these who are waiting, indicates it was received by the fulfillment center but has not yet been processed. I agree with you that all of these orders are important. Although I am assured the order will arrive in plenty of time to be given for Christmas, I’ll follow up with you by private message with an alternate option.

For those who are asking for an estimated delivery date, while I agree that this is a completely reasonable thing to expect of an online merchant in this day and age, the reason I’m not trying to provide one is exactly what was described in @michaelc.rojsh9’s post above. We updated the online store to indicate, as he mentioned:

We did that because those who interact closely with the fulfillment center were confident the orders would be processed within two business days. As you can see, many (not all) are still waiting. I’ve been assured today that the majority of those still pending will be processed in tonight’s work, but I’m not going to promise you that they’ll ship tonight or tomorrow, since we’ve already seen these estimates can be thrown off by the complexity of the situation.

I will continue to follow up with you each time I have additional news.


@gregt.dnrx91, @gregk, and @matthewh.i8igrr, I now see a tracking number associated with your orders. Please let me know if you did not receive a shipping notice, and I will provide that tracking number by personal message.


Any idea when my order will arrive? I placed it more than 2 weeks ago.


Southpaw, I have received an email stating that my order has been shipped, although the only progress at this time is that the shipping label has been created.


Hi @charlotte269,

I sent you a reply by personal message.


Hi @gregk,

It may have missed last night’s pickup by the shipper. I’m hoping it will start to show some actual movement late today.


Any updates on mine?


Hi @naomic,

None of the orders we’ve been watching here in Community show in progress in today’s report. I was planning to check on more time after the shipper picks up tonight.


I ordered my phone on Nov. 29th and it still has not shipped. The fulfillment center should be at least able to tell you what day of orders they are working on. Apparently they are still working on orders of at least no later than Nov.28th. Why are you guys even accepting any new orders?


Hi @henrym,

I’m afraid the processing issues are more complex than just being behind by a specific number of days.
We continue to accept orders because the majority of our orders are processing according to the expected timeline and progress is being made on the delayed orders.


Is there any good news yet?