Has your order been delayed? Fulfillment center processing issues for November 2018


Do you mean that orders you received after my order have been shipped? How can this be?


Hi @henrym,

There are processing complications in the fulfillment systems that have caused some orders not to ship. As teams work through those complications, the fulfillment process continues for the orders that do process without complication.

Our rule of thumb is First In, First Out, but when an individual glitch prevents one order from shipping, the entire fulfillment system does not shut down.

I don’t have the exact details on how this can be. It is my understanding, however, that there are multiple fulfillment lines. It could be that a single line experienced issues while the others continued to process.

I’m certain there is nothing I can say here that is going to give you the clarity you desire. Our fulfillment partner’s operations are not something your Community Manager has a great deal of insight into.


Hi @henrym, @eeric, @naomic, @gregk, @charlotte269, @matthewh.i8igrr, @gregt.dnrx91, @benjaminb.s8idvk, @craigc.7rchk8, @andrewk.yqkb1w, @michaelc.rojsh9, @pablo77, @jordang.hwnlbf, @tylerm.2rzhob, @jasonk.8mqiz6, @ericd.f1g7io, @hansh.nlfkwa, and anyone who has been watching this thread, but hasn’t chimed in:

If you still have an order pending, either without a tracking number, or with a tracking number that is not showing any movement, please open a ticket, so our agents can look into a solution on a case by case basis, instead of waiting and checking daily reports that don’t seem to offer any satisfying information.


I have a ticket open, but there’s no information given there either. The customers are given no option except to vent. My order was placed on November 24th and I receive no satisfying responses. I understand you don’t have many answers to people’s questions but I don’t know why you wouldn’t be given information to pass on to the customers. There’s really nothing anyone can do but complain here. It may not make a difference but it may also make people feel like they are at least doing something. It almost seems like the situation is worse than RW is making it out to be if it is taking nearly a month to ship some orders. On top of that, myself and others have asked for their order to be cancelled and refunded but RW refuses that as well.


Hi @eeric, I’ll check on your ticket and make sure it is with the appropriate team, sometime later tonight. Venting is not a solution, and we will deliver solutions.


What a mess. You guys won’t let me cancel my order, won’t take the charge off my credit card and won’t give me a shipping date. You should put a $100.00 aggravation credit on my account and ship my phone overnight if it ever does ship. By the way I already have a ticket open and that process hasn’t supplied any more satisfaction than you have.


Hi @henrym,

I will look into your ticket tonight to make sure it is with the appropriate team who can move it to a satisfactory solution.


Yet more back-pedaling and empty promises. I don’t care about anything else, just ship my order and get me a tracking number, please in the name of all that is holy.


I’ve had the privilege of interacting with southpaw for a few years now. I know in my heart that were it possible for her to supply the tracking number you reasonably request, she would do so.

At this point, the only path forward is working one to one with Republic staff via the ticket process. Republic isn’t perfect, however, in the end, they’ve always treated me fairly, so i’m confident staff will work creatively to resolve this as well.


Greetings Southpaw,

I have received a tracking for my order, and it is making (excruciatingly) slow movement in the delivery process. With luck it ought to arrive tomorrow. Thank you for your efforts in giving the updates you could provide, it made this order delay situation much more tolerable.

Kindest regards,



Is there some info you need from me in order to ship a sim card?


I’ve replied by personal message.


I’ve received my phone today.

Thank you Southpaw for keeping us up to date the best you could.


Southpaw, I’ve been following along for several days looking for updates. I placed an order on Nov 24 to replace a phone that quit working prior to that. I had originally opened a ticket when it had gone more than a week, then was directed here and quit communicating with them seeing as they are unrelated to order fulfillment. My understanding from your post yesterday is that you were encouraging those who still hadn’t had order progress to open a help ticket, so I did so…but that was fairly useless, the same pat answer of “we don’t ship on weekends and no tracking is available at this time” is being given. Is there anything else I can or should do? I understand it’s not your problem and not a problem of the help team’s either…it is a little frustrating though to be stuck paying for a service I can’t use for over a month waiting to maybe someday receive a phone, but without any guarantee or communication of when or if that will happen. I had previously liked RW a lot though, so I’ve been hesitant to jump the gun and pursue new coverage. Thank you for the time you’ve put into this, I imagine it’s been a huge ordeal for you and as unfun on your end as for the rest of us.


Hi @brianna.g,

I’ll find your ticket, research your order, and get it on the right path. I’m very sorry for all the frustration. We originally were convinced this was something that would take some time, but everything would be correctly sorted out. As you can see from a couple of posts above yours, some of these delayed phones are shipping. However, we are seeing some that do require some additional work.

It’s really like nothing we’ve ever dealt with before, and while the delay is incredibly difficult for everyone involved, we will make sure you get the phone that you paid for.



Thank you SO much for taking the time to look into this. I so appreciate feeling like someone is actually figuring things out and moving things forward. It’s a lot easier to wait if you just feel heard and like things are being taken care of.

Thank you,



I was (very pleasantly) surprised to receive my phone today… definitely wasn’t expecting it so immediately after you looked into my order. Thanks again for all your help.