Hate smart phones

My wife and I have Lenovos not that that matters. We both are so fed up with error messages, having to change settings, icons disappearing. Calls being dropped, 5 different ways to do every tasks. I could go on but who ever thought up the GUI as a viable interface should be in prison. WHY NOT JUST A MENU of the ITEMS we want to use. WHY must these phone do 50 things that just are not needed nor wanted. Dont get me started touch screens. We are just a few more problems from going back to a land line where when i want to answer the phone I don’t have to see it disappear before I can answer it. I hear people arguing about which is better Apple or android. Like asking which is better having ones teeth knocked out or yanked out.

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Hi @danw.bk7f2z,

Are you hoping the Community will help with advice on using your phones (because they do love to troubleshoot and solve problems) or did you just need to get that off your chest?

You can definitely customize your home screen so it contains only the apps you want to use. Take a look at some of the many different home screens our members are using, here:

Would you like help setting up your home screen?

Because people are different and use their phones differently. What you don’t want or need may be someone else’s favorite feature.

I’m not sure what this means. Are you having trouble answering calls?


Let me readdress the lameness of smart phones.
2 If people want 50 different options let them install them why should I have to play hide and seek to find what I want to use. TOO COMPLEX I dont want to waste time learning all this nonsense just to have it changes a week latter.
3. Why do I have to spend hours trying to increase my battery life, Looking up error codes, trying to get the ops to print to my printer…
4. I just love how I will be talking to some one and a call come in and disconnect the call I was on or it disappears and I have to play hide and seek to find the call I was on.
5. We live in an area where if I walk our side our front door I am on one tower, 15 feet later I am on another. I bought to Republic because of WIFI calling. Well we dont get our calls, it never seems to be able to call out consistently even with all the adjustment we have made in order to get it to call WiFi
6. I could go on and on…
7 Ok I will, My wifes phone now tells me there is a network error or SIM ISSUE. Wow I jump right on this one.

Setting up my home screen, and how long will it stay that way. What is the home screen anyway. My wifes phone is totally different from mine FOR NO REASON.

First WHY do EMAILS interupt my call. CONSTANT TONES and distractions. Why does my wifes phone drop the current call when another come in. WE DONT WANT CALL WAITING WE DONT CARE if another call comes in, I would hope they could leave a message. these issues are so many that it is difficult to even give you the info about them. Oh I set my phone down come back and there are 20 apps opened. Shhesh

Hi @danw.bk7f2z,

I’m still not sure whether you’re asking for help or just wanting to rant. I can try to address these point by point, or we can get a technician on the phone with you to work on everything. I’ll start on the former and you can let me know if you’d prefer the latter.

  1. The phone is a pocket computer. Computers require updates. Our developers are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and must update our app to do so. Other app developers do the same, as do the Android developers. If you’re not interested in a phone as a computer, you may prefer a flip phone or landline.

  2. Some phone manufacturers do include only the essentials in the operating system. RW is not responsible for how the phone is configured, but we would be glad to help you get it set up like you want it.

  3. Again, it’s a computer. It sounds like you want a very basic phone instead of a computer… Wait what?

Maybe you don’t want a basic phone after all. Show me how you’ll get a landline to print anything.

  1. We’ll need more details to understand the call issues you have experienced. We may need to examine your coverage carefully.

  2. This may explain your point number 4. I’m sure @jben would be glad to help you get your router tweaked to best handle RW Wi-Fi calling, when you’re ready, not when you’re ranting.

  3. And we’ll help if you do, but it’s probably best to tackle issues one at a time.

  4. Does she have the E4?
    No Service and Republic Wireless App Asks to "Buy a SIM Card" on Moto E4 – Republic Help


Ok Southpaw, I now have your attention. I would hope that the customer rantings would be an opportunity to advance your products and services. My background is that I owned and IT firm. I have seen software and the GUI digress from quality software to slap it together and see what happens.
Your job is to address my issues and I am explaining to you that what you offer is far to complex for many of your clients. Now lets get organized,
Please give me the ability to LOCK the phones screen on a home page. I really find it very inconvenient to have to play hide and seek. When I picked the phone up to use it I want the CALL screen to be the home screen. I dont want notifications all over the place. For example FACEBOOK MESSENGER. I REALLY need to be able to answer the phone with on touch and not have to swipe it.
This is the start of a long journey.

Republic Wireless is a value added MVNO. I don’t think their core business revolves around re-designing the smart phone. Of course I could be wrong. There are many mobile carriers and MVNO’s that support feature phones that support one touch answering.


Hi @danw.bk7f2z,

I’m not that fond of the smartphone GUI either, but it is what it is. Having worked with computers since 1958, I’ve watched the user interface evolve from a bank of toggle switches where we entered binary codes through the punch card and on to the keyboard and mouse. My SO and most of my friends are, like me, older than dirt. With our fading eyesight and shaky fingers navigating a smart phone can be challenging.

As I watch my SO work with her phone (even after 5 years with a smartphone) and listen to her complain bitterly about it not working right I can see but dare not mention where the problem lies. Having lost her patience with the device she pokes and swipes as if she is trying to rid her screen of an insect… A good example of what I’m trying to describe is the incoming call: She needs to place her finger on the icon (one motion) and then slide it to the right (a second motion). Instead, in a single motion, she jabs the icon and swipes to the right moving her fingertip upward and away from the screen. She repeats this 4 or 5 times until she finally lucks into a motion that works. All she really needs to do is touch the icon and slide it to the right but this requires a degree of patience she seems unable to summon.

I think the best way to get used to the touch screen is to set aside an hour or two for getting used to the taps, touches and motions. Setting up your home screen as @southpaw suggested would be a good project. There are some useful tips in this article I found with a Google search:




If you owned an IT firm, then I would have to assume that you saw many technology advances over whatever period of time you were active in the business.

  • If you would post back the phone you have, the Router (Make/model/version … normally found on the back/bottom) the ISP providing your Internet connection, along with the proximity to other homes on WiFi, I would be more than happy to work with you to see if there is room for improvement.
    ps: I am older than @billg :grin:

Bill I started at a later age in IT though I assume I am younger. I lost some of my hearing while around jets in the Air Force. THE GUI is worthless when it comes to most of our needs. There are no real tools to fix these issues they are dumped on us and we are told to RESEARCH for a solution that most times will not work. I started in a time where software was not released until it was fully developed and tested and it is frustrating to see what we call software now. Thanks for your input.

Thank you very much Jben. I have the abilities to solve these problems the issues is that the moment I do there will be updates on the phone that are not of any real value which will cause even more issues. As bill was saying they just dont get that its a PHONE first and a toy second. If thy would just allow for that it would help. Time after time my wife has issues with her phone of which there can be no documentation. I will keep your offer in mind. I cant win and I know it you see I went with these phones because our Phone company refused to give us any service at all. 9 months of intermittent noise on the line. I am still thinking I was better off than all the aggravation these phones have given us. Some one needs to grab the phone mfgrs, includeing apple, and shake some common sense into them. Thansk

I’m sorry, and this isn’t meant to be harsh, but if you don’t want a smart phone, why do you have one? There are lots and lots of non-smart phones available on lots of lots of different carriers. This seems a bit like going out and buying a 70" television and then complaining you have to sit too far away when instead you should have just bought a smaller TV.


Who might this someone be? The manufacturers are providing what they believe the market wants. Apple, in particular, is doing quite well doing what they’re doing. Why would they change that?


I’m assuming not the over 1 billion people who have bought the iPhone up until now.

Me too, four years in the USAF and then 4 years in the ANG during college. The VA has some decent hearing aids.


Thanks but have them. The VA has imroved in the last year and a half but I also have tinnitus of which they only give 10% disability even though it gives me a lot of grief. I spent 4 Year around the loudest air craft of its day. The T-37 b. Ouch. The protection was minimal. I found it to be a privilege to serve. Thank you


One billion people who either struggle or are not aware there could be better. If you like your that is great but for many of us smart phones are a huge overkill. Just not practical at all for us. Thank you

Well some one will be probably a younger individual with VISION. The manufactures are not interested in selling a good product but one that sells. There is no innovation today. it is all market driven. We suffered through this in the 70s with the auto industry.

Actually, you had my attention previously, as does every member who uses our Community.

When they are specific to our product (to date, we have one: Relay) and services, yes. We take member feedback very seriously.

Honestly, it’s not. My job as Community Manager is to maintain the Community in a manner that makes it possible for our members to connect with one another in meaningful, friendly conversations, to find answers to their questions about Republic Wireless’ phones, service, and policies, and when necessary, to make sure they get the staff assistance they need when they have a service issue that is beyond the scope of what Community can answer. My job is not to petition Google to redesign Android to meet the specifications of @danw.bk7f2z, former IT firm owner.

Doing so would very likely result in numerous pocket-dialing experiences. The phone icon can be docked on the home page, and with some launchers locked in place.

You’ve mentioned hide & seek multiple times now. Simply configuring your home screen to your own needs and learning where the other app icons reside in your app drawer would end this game you continue to play. They do not dance about and hide themselves from you.

I do not believe Facebook Messenger is stock on any of our phones. If this app is an annoyance to you, you have installed it, and can easily uninstall it, or simply disable its notifications. As far as I know, we (RW) did not impose this app on you, nor did your phone’s manufacturer, nor did Android.

Again, this is not a Republic Wireless imposition. I believe it is designed this way so that there is some precaution against accidental answering of the phone - engineered intent.

Perhaps, but not the one you think you are on. This is not a journey where we partner together to have Google and Apple re-invent their products to your liking. This is a journey where you become familiar with the technology you wish to embrace, and we (the Community) come alongside to help you do so.

Thank you, sir, for your service to our country.

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