Have a New Samsung 8. Need to deactivate existing Moto Pure Ed


What phone do you have? Curently have Moto X Pure Edition
What plan are you on? My CHoice 3
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? don’t know
I bought a factory Samsung 8 and have just gotten the Republic Wireless SIM card for activating a phone. I need to install it and then will my number transfer to the new phone? How do I deactivate my old Moto X Pure Edition


The act of activating the new phone as a replacement for the line will deactivate the phone


I changed this to a question since you are basically asking how to activate a new phone to replace an old phone. You should get an answer quickly.


During the activation process you will be presented with an opportunity to move the number assigned to the pure edition to your new phone. When you take that option the pure will be deactivated.


In addition to @billg’s excellent link…


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