Have a Z2 Play? Pros and cons?

No wonder the diner here looks so ancient…

I pulled the trigger on the G6 deal earlier today [ edit: for another customer/line ]

This person will go from 4.7" to 5.7" and it scares me. On the other hand, my first 5" screen seemed big!. 5.5 was huge!. 5.7…like a drive-in movie screen!. Still, you get used to it, in my experience.

Voice recognition and Google assistant have also come a long ways, so you don’t really have to touch the phone to use it these days. Just say’in. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit 2: …"BYOP, but BYOD?..Phone vs Device

OK @c1tobor …just before falling asleep . BYODevice. Same as BYOPhone? If its good enough I don’t need a technical description.

My spouse had a good idea, which was to figure out if there was a phone that I would buy if I found it for a certain price. Pretty certain I don’t want the X4 or I would have jumped on the sale right away. Thinking about the Z2 Play makes me happy. Not sure why, cause I don’t think I’d be a “mod collector” but a couple would be nice, Three things based on my research holding me back:

  1. Durability. The screen breaks easily when phone is dropped, which I do often. I would probably buy a commuter Otterbox and a lighter case lke the Spigen to connect mods and pray for the best.
  2. Freezing/hiccuping – Mostly from the motorola website, but also other sources, many complaints about this while using multiple apps, Motorola’s solution is it must be the apps you are using, get them off your phone and it will work fine, but don’t you buy a phone in order to use apps you want? I am trying to escape this problem currently on my dying X 1stgen.
  3. Size - not really going from a 4.7 to 5.5 screen. I think I will like that. Its that now I have to find some way to carry the thing around when I am out (no longer will work in several options I have been using) and concern about screen navigation hurting my hand/arm because I may have to pick up my entire arm/hand to navigate instead of stretching fingers. I think I will make a cardboard cutout of the phone dimensions and really pay attention to how I interact with my phone. This sounds stupid but it can make the difference between an entire day of my back/neck/torso being in pain or not. Just like ergonomic computer typing.

If I find I can’t live with these things or someone can’t convince me I will be OK, I will be either sticking with moto and moving to g5plus (did this get any updates recently…I know a bunch of phones did.) or making the big change to a google Pixel for a really speedy experience and leave the moto features behind. I think if the X4 came in 64 and not just 32 they would have me. Maybe I can hold out for the next generation before my X1 dies for good.


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My wife and I both have z2 plays are are very happy with them. I came from a Moto x 2nd gen and she had the Moto x pure, and in both cases the z2 play has felt like a big upgrade. The phone is super thin which helps make up for the larger screen size. Battery life is amazing even without the battery mod. Put on the battery mod and I could go for 2 days easy with moderate use. Although it does add thickness and weight to the phone. I switch back and forth from using the mod. The camera is also quite the upgrade from the others as well. Much better in low light situations. No issues with reception (we live near Tampa, Florida).

If I had one complaint, it would be that sometimes the fingerprint reader doesn’t recognize the first time, but that is very rarely and I don’t consider it an issue overall. My iPad does the same thing now and then. I have upgraded to Oreo without issue. All in all it is a great phone and would buy it again.



I finally went to Best Buy to handle one of these. My hands are really small and I was having trouble just holding onto the phone and it was hurting. Maybe I would get used to putting one of those knob things on the back, but one more attachment and kinda defeats Moto mods although that is not primary purpose for getting Z2play, but I do like the option of the mods. I am also a klutz so I would need to put a case on it and pray. I am very afraid of the screen breaking. On the other hand, the Moto x4 which I am now considering since it comes in 64mb, is pretty darn heavy to carry around even though it fits in my hand much better. The back on that is pure glass, that will definitely shatter with a drop even if the gorilla 5 holds the screen intact. Kinda feeling like I can’t win after all this research.
A G5 plus may be the compromise for me, but with these deals now it is hard to pay about the same price for what I feel would be a lesser phone with fewer upgrades as I plan to keep what I get for a long time. I found I could get used to the giant candy bar G6. The width is a bit easier to hold, but I think in the long run this phone is subpar to the Z2play and X4. Maybe I am making too big a deal out of this and should just buy the phone I think will be the most comfortable fit for me and easiest to use. Are there really any big differences in performance and ease of operation? It seems like choosing a phone in general is more of a matter of what features are most important to you and how much you want to spend. Maybe all the phones performance wise would do me just fine in the end.
I would love to hear opinions on this.
I have been trying to find the place in the help area where it shows which phones have been given upgrades as far as current operating systems and CDMA/GSM support. I am not even sure how important the former is, but I think it matters if I plan to hold onto my phone long term. I don’t have too much complaints with Sprint, so I think I definitely want the dual support option.

If my phone face wasn’t cracked I might put up longer with the massive overheating, constant needing charging, chronic app freezing, and occasional self rebooting with my current Moto X1st gen.

Thanks for reading!

By the way, once I choose a phone, how do I order my SIM card so it will arrive before my phone so that I can use the phone during the trial period if I buy from Motorola?

the best way is to order the SIM and wait for it to be in hand before ordering from Motorola (it can take about week to 10 days with normal shipping and in my opinion it is not worth the extra money for faster shipping
there is also a third party seller selling it an amazon with prime for $10 (only a $1 more than Republic) and has 2 day shipping if your a prime member

below is a link to a user created and maintain table that includes if CDMA (all 3.0 phones have GSM) with a not on the phones that have CDMA but are waiting for a new type of SIM before Republic can offer CDMA,
It also list current OS version
a rule of thumb for Motorola a flagship see 2 major OS updates with security updates abut every other month until the 2nd major update (the Moto X4 and Z2 Play are flagship class and already seen 1 major update I would expect them both to see Android Q)

Hey thanks @drm186 for all the great info and the time you have spent with me on this. I can get a bit neurotic, but I will figure it out. :grin:

Your welcome

I just was looking at the Amazon page. Confused. Is the SIM card phone specific or is it one card that will fit any BYOD?

I would but from Republic: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless None of the sellers currently on Amazon are authorized sellers of the SIM.

That makes sense. Still wondering the answer to my question. I have been pretty sure I would BYOP, but have not ordered a SIM card because I have not chosen a phone yet. Definitely would make sense to have it prior to getting the new phone.

Republic’s BYOP SIM kit is universal and works with any compatible 3.0 phone.

OK… the ballots are in… Going to try the Moto Z2 Play…
Wasn’t sure if I should start a new post to benefit other folks.
QUESTIONS for using a new phone during it’s trial period.

  1. If I activate my new Z with my old number from the X1, did I just turn my X into a paperweight by deactivating it (has served me well). I know I will also need to change phone plans legacy to my choice.
  2. If I do the above, and then decide the Z is not for me, can I easily reactivate my old X for use? How would I do this? Just follow usual plan for activating a legacy phone?
  3. Is a better option to keep my X functional while testing out the Z with a new number, and then if I decide to keep it, transferring my old number to my Z? I think I found instructions to do this on the forum somewhere. Would my old number replace the new one or would the Z then carry 2 numbers?

I just noticed that I don’t see here how to make my replies to specific people or everyone. I just hit reply, and it addresses to the last person who sent me a post.

You wouldn’t turn it in to a paperweight but you would be terminating cellular service on it (but you can reactivate).



You could, but it isn’t really easier as you’d end up canceling service on the Z and then reactivating as a replacement in order to move the number.

Phones can not have two numbers.

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Thanks so much! I feel so much more at ease having these answers before I get my phone. You are the best!


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