Have GSM, but sometimes need CDMA

I currently have a Moto G5S Plus with GSM. It works everywhere i am on my usual days. When i go camping I dont have any signal, but my wife that has a Moto G5 Plus with CDMA has signal. Is it possible to get a CDMA sim card for when i go camping? Or have both GSM and CDMA sim cards that I can switch to get the best possible coverage/

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You will need to Open a ticket with the account in which u want to request the CDMA SIM.

As far as having 2 SIMS, one CDMA and one GSM, I do not believe that is possible for the same line, as the CDMA SIM works very differently. It is tied to the exact phone and has to be registered with R.W. network in a different, more exclusive way than GSM. Also, I do not think you can have 2 active SIMs for one line, or at least I have never seen any wireless provider be able to do this.

May be possible to keep the “other” SIM active as a different line, and swap it in when needed, but then u have to pay for that separate line, and deal with keeping a tiny SIM floating around, that is easy to lose.

is it possible to have a SIM for each partner ? yes but it requires you to constantly swap SIMs (about every 2-3 weeks) to keep them from completely expiring (a deactivate SIM is only good for 20 days after deactivation)
the constant swapping of SIM is an added wear and tear of the SIM Slot and cards, as the phone is not designed to do this that often

personally I enjoy being out of touch when camping and use camping as a way to detach from tech (my phone is only there as an clock, GPS with off line maps, and as a electronic deck of cards


If network switching is your primary need, then only Google’s Project Fi does this built in. Their service uses 3 networks(Sprint, Tmobile, US Cellular) and the phones can dynamically auto switch between those 3 networks as needed. Or manually using a 3rd party app.

However, Fi has a higher plan cost, and only supports certain model phones, and has nothing like R.W.s Bonded Wifi/Cell calling, in fact, Fi rarely uses WiFi for calls, I have been told.

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Hi @michaels.mts,

To request a CDMA SIM card, please follow the instructions in this Help Article:


I have a similar situation to yours. My g5+ is GSM and my wife’s g5+ i s CDMA. No problem in the metro areas but when camping we often find one carrier better than the other. Our solution is fairly simple. Since either phone can become a Wi-Fi hotspot for the other, we can use both phones when camping. Just turn on the hotspot feature for the phone that’s working and use that Wi-Fi for the other phone. You’ll use a small amount of paid data when calling and texting with the Wi-Fi phone, but it’s not very much.

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