Have new phone, want to keep Defy XT too

OK, here’s the situation, none of the FAQs or previously asked questions seems to exactly apply:

A) My wife currently has a Defy XT with the old $20 plan and a number she’d like to keep.

B) We bought (BYOP) a new Moto X Pure from a third party (which arrived recently)

C) We’d like to activate the new Moto X Pure with the OLD number (but a new plan, of course) for my wife to use

D) We’d ALSO like to keep the old Defy XT with a NEW number (but that phone can only use the old $20 plans I understand) as a backup/middle schooler (son) phone

Is this possible? If so, what is the procedure? I’d hate to do it wrong and “lose” the ability to utilize the Defy XT with Republic Wireless.

Thanks much.

To keep the Defy usable you need to keep it activated. Once a Defy is deactivate in can no longer be reactivated.

Don’t activate the new phone as a replacement for the Defy, doing so would deactivate the Defy.

Activate the new phone as a new line/phone. Then you should be able to submit a Support ticket to get the numbers swapped.

Thanks for your prompt response!

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