Have RW with Moto Z Play. Bought Pixel 3a w Google Fi. Want to stay on RW with Pixel 3a

I am currently on Republic Wireless on Moto Z Play (model XT1635-02) with GSM SIM.
I bought a Google Pixel 3a and activated it with Google Fi to try it out (Google Fi gave me a new number).
I was going to move to Google Fi but have changed my mind and want to stay with Republic Wireless.

I think I can just move the GSM SIM card from the Moto Z Play to the new Pixel 3a to keep my old number (I don’t want the new one from Google FI) but do I have to cancel with Google Fi first, or do I do that after the move?

Hi @michaelg.9ej68w,

You may indeed move the active Republic GSM SIM from your Moto Z Play to your new Pixel 3a. You will also need to install, then open Republic’s app on the Pixel 3a to complete a brief activation sequence. Doing so, will move Republic service (number and plan) from the Moto Z Play to the Pixel 3a.

Generally, it doesn’t matter whether you cancel Google Fi service before or after. You mention not wanting to keep the new Fi number, however, as an aside Google will give you the option to move it to Google Voice for free when canceling Fi service if you like.


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