Have the Spam Calls and Texts Improved any?

I switched from Republic last summer. At that time the number of Spam calls and texts was out of control. I now rarely receive any and the few that do come in are properly marked as Spam.

So I was wondering if Republic has improved any in blocking/filtering Spam since July 2019?


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I get fewer spam calls to my phone now than a last summer. I never got a lot to begin with, maybe 1 or 2 a day. Now, I get one spam call a week or less. I don’t know if that’s RW or something else.

Thanks for the quick response. I was definitely receiving more than 2 a day at that point. I’m still curious to hear feedback from regular customers.

I get maybe 1-2 per week. I never really got that many, but did comment to my wife the other day that we don’t seem to get them quite as often anymore. Maybe the spammers hibernate over the winter!

I get maybe a few a month…

There are times where there are spikes in activity on these, where may get a few a week.
Those are just drive by robo dialing…and they move on pretty quickly.

I had recently tried activating a spare phone on Tello, to try, and it came with a new number.
That, number must have been reused quick, as it got many robo calls from some local school district every day about some childs attendance. Also got a couple spam calls every week, only had it active 1 month.

No where near as bad as the phone i got to test from Qlink Qwirless under the government Lifeline Wireless program for free cell service for qualified persons like my mother. That thing, the second i activate the line had 12 VM’s all spam of various sorts and gets several calls a day.

and FYI, i checked, both the numbers of the 2 mentioned phones i was testing out, the number has been on the Do Not Call list since mid 2000’s.

Not sure if this affects RW or other MVNO customers…

Do any of the higher ups on this forum know how this will effect Republic customers?

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RW does have their own Spam Blocking feature…trouble is, have no idea how effective it is, cause there is no way to see a log of what calls it blocks server side, preventing the users phone from even ringing.

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