Have you seen our BYU-themed TV commercial in the wild?


Has anyone in this group noticed our TV commercial while watching the pre-game show?

What do you think? Are the fans that revved up for each game??


Haha, no I had not seen this commercial yet, I have yet to watch a pre game show on BYUtv, (busy Saturdays)

I love it!!

I am super pumped for the game today, quite nervous and hoping BYU gives LSU a good game but very excited to see what happens!!

Go Cougs!!!


@Ryan pointed out to me that today’s game venue had been moved, I can’t even imagine the logistics behind making such a change with short notice, not only for the cities and sports complexes involved, but also the fans.


Oh yes, it is amazing that it could even be pulled off on such a short amount of time. I should also note that our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Houston and the surrounding areas as they recover from Hurricane Harvey. Such a tragedy.


Definitely a sentiment we share, and something that has been much-discussed in our office. If any RW members impacted by the storm are reading this, please let us know (by support ticket) if there’s anything we can do help you.