Have you used Mobile Passport app?


When traveling internationally, the mobile passport app allows you to “skip the long lines” at customs because you record all the data beforehand. Right now it’s only available at a dozen airports but when I tried to use it in Phoenix, it did not work with my Moto E4 phone. Has anyone else had success using the app or is this an application that should be avoided with a RW phone?


Hi @drup.s2s02e,

First, presuming this is the app you reference, full disclosure I haven’t used it:

There’s nothing in its’ Play Store description suggesting it shouldn’t work with a Moto E4. There isn’t anything special about a Moto E4 activated with Republic as opposed to another service provider. It’s a North American factory unlocked phone.

To help the Community better help you, might you help us understand what did not work looks like? Were there specific error messages? Additionally, have you considered contacting the app’s developer? They may have insight we lack?


I’ve been asked to be more specific about exactly how the app “did not work.” I had filled in all the information on the downloaded app regarding the flight, its origin, and whether I was entering the country with forbidden goods, but when I got to customs and pressed the “Submit” button to send that information to the customs computer, the information would not transmit. Thereafter, my Moto E4 did not connect anymore to Republic Wireless and after three frustrating days of no cell data (My SIM card was no longer recognized.) I had to send it back and get a new phone–Moto E4 Plus.

I’m just wondering if there is any connection between my having tried to use the Mobile Passport and the subsequent malfunctioning of my phone.


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