Have Your Republic Anywhere Apps Suddenly Stopped Syncing Contacts?

If so, the source of the problem may be your phone not the device(s) you wish to sync contacts to. Here’s the fix:

  1. Open Anywhere.
  2. Tap 3 dots upper right.
  3. Tap settings.
  4. Is Sync contacts across devices toggled on?

That’s funny. After several rounds of tech support they finally said that the Anywhere app wasn’t supported anymore and to use a different message app.

Very disappointed.

Hi @johnf.qwchk1,

It’s true that Republic Anywhere is no longer under active development, however, that’s not exactly the same as no longer supported. I’m sorry to hear you were informed otherwise, particularly if that came from staff. My understanding is support for Anywhere still exists as a best faith effort.

In any case, we here in the Community often provide answers that go beyond what staff does. In my opinion, it’s part of what makes the Community one of Republic’s best assets,


Well, I’ve done everything tech support has said including uninstalling from my phone and computer, completely removing all temp file and the profile photos were still mixed up on my computer. That’s when they said to just use a different messaging app.

Hi @johnf.qwchk1,

I’m having the same trouble, and it’s not the same thing as what @rolandh has described in this Tips and Tricks article. His solution is for those who are not seeing any contacts on the computer.

Like you, the images shown on my computers (work and home) are not the right people. I’ve tried a variety of things so far, but if I ever get them to sync correctly, I will certainly let you know what steps solved it.

Funny when I open the three dots all I get are “People and Archive”

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