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I have motox gen 2 on 2gb refund plan. In Hawaii, in Waikiki worked normal, good LTE when out and about, and normal WiFi function when in room. Travelled to north shore good LTE on the way. Now at Turle Bay on good WiFi signal. But half the time even when it shows full WiFi signal, i get the dreaded roaming triangle and when I try to make a call it gives me warning about international roaming charges will apply. Texts seems to work normal all the time. Any ideas how to fix the calling issue?


Hi @nofear4by4!

I was on Oahu little over a week ago. The CDMA signal is extremely spotty there. I got the roaming triangle multiple times. It could be that WiFi calling is blocked or the network isn’t stable enough for a call. Pull down from the top of your screen and tell me what the Republic notification says. Additionally, you may want to try rebooting.



Hi mb2x…interestingly during the time I see the triangle, the pull-down Republic status message still shows the message “GREAT! WiFi Calls, messages, &data”. Today I rarely saw the triangle when in the condo complex on wifi…and when out and about usually had good LTE. In fact briefly while responding to the post is the first time I saw it today, but it went away quickly and I was able to make a test call. So I’ll just assume it’s a flukey problem and hope it doesn’t happen often.


The triangle and being able to call on wifi should be unrelated as the triangle is indicating that you are connected to a roaming cellular signal but doesn’t indicate anything at all about the wifi connection.


Perhaps. But only when I see the triangle do i get the mysterious message about international roaming charges. It’s telling me at the same time that I’m on republic wifi service…and roaming, and the warning indicated the roaming takes precedence. This is supposed to be linked and normally I do not get cell status when on wifi. I think something is wrong. As i type this the triangle showed up, yet wifi continues to work well.


I still think what you’re seeing is normal:

  1. You’ll naturally only get a roaming message when roaming. That’s why the message never shows up when you don’t see the triangle (which is the roaming indicator).
  2. If you have a stable and call supporting wifi connection, you’ll be able to make calls without issue, over wifi and not see the message.
  3. If on the other hand, you are connected to wifi, but either the network has calling ports blocked OR there’s a temporary blip in the quality that causes the Republic App to think that you can’t call on wifi, then it is the same as not being connected to wifi and you’ll get the roaming message.

Also seeing the triangle, even if connected to good wifi, is absolutely normal if the cell connection is roaming. This is because the roaming triangle isn’t data related, but overall cell connection related so just like you see a cell signal bar (though not an indication of the data connection) when connected to wifi, you would still see the roaming triangle.

Anyway, just my 2 cents.


Thanks all for the inputs, I’ll pass this off as a wifi glitch and be glad it’s fairly intermittent. Overall I’m pretty satisfied so far in how my Republic service has worked on Oahu.


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