Headphones don't work


I have a motoG 3rd generation. I can not get any headphones to work.


Are these wired headphones or bluetooth?

Did they just stop working or have they never worked with your phone?

If you have some media playing on the phone speakers…then you insert the headphones…does the sound not transfer to the headphones…or do you get no sound at all?


Wired headphones. They used to work. the sound does not transfer to the headphones,


If you have a cover case…you might want to try removing it to see if it is impeding proper insertion of the headphone jack.

You might also want to inspect the socket for any debris stuck inside.


Try clearing the android cache

Try running it in Safe Mode if it works any better. If it works normally in Safe Mode then it would be one of your installed apps that’s causing the issue.


I am assuming you tried multiple pairs, correct?


Yes I did.


If the software solutions didn’t work for you…then you can try this work-around mentioned on Lenovo forums

Ultimately, you are probably looking at a failing socket that will eventually fail…other option would be to use a bluetooth headset.


Will the FM radio recognize the headphones are plugged for use as an antennae?


they work now. must have had something stuck inside. Thank you


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