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I’m shopping for a new RW phone and my biggest concern is its compatibility with my hearing aids. I’ve been severely disappointed with my current phone, a Moto X (1st Gen) as I’ve been unable to hear a call well without a speaker phone, and with or without using speakerphone, most people have a really hard time hearing me (irony of ironies). (I tried various things with the mike, no dice.)

What phone would you recommend given this consideration? Anyone else with hearing aids have any experience? Bonus if the phone has high-quality camera, which is my other biggest consideration - I take a lot of pictures with it. Minimum 10mp. Thanks!

I don’t know how much help I’ll be since I can hear my X1 phone on max volume without using my hearing aids. But I would try the following things:

  1. Make sure the hearing aid function on the phone is on. It’s located under the blue phone call icon by selecting the three white dots at the top of the screen.

  2. Make sure the phone is actually working currently by letting someone else use the phone.

  3. Go to your audiologist and have he or she look at how you are holding your phone while you make a call.

  4. While you are at your audiologist, see if your hearing aid has a phone adapter that you can try for a week to see if it makes a big difference. These devices may use Bluetooth so they may interfere with WiFi phone calling.

  5. Post your question on a hearing aid forum like this one. Hearing Aid Forums | Hearing Loss | Hearing Aids

  6. Take your best guess and just order a phone from Republic and test it for a week. Republic does on a 14 day return policy. A bigger phone may work better if how you hold your phone is an issue. Return and Replacement Policy

One more thing you can try is to download a few volume control apps to see if you can boost the volume of the phone. volume booster - Android Apps on Google Play

Thank you! I had definitely tried several things - universally people have had trouble hearing me. But I hadn’t considered taking it to my audiologist. I’m especially grateful for the link to the forums. I’ve made my best guess and will post how it goes - I’m trying the Moto X Pure.

Many thanks for your time and help!


The excellent info provided by @marshallh is good … I would only add a couple thoughts

  • The fact that the people you are calling can’t hear you should be treated as a totally different thing. I would use the Moto Help (big Blue ?) and under the ‘Fix’ tab test out your microphone (if you don’t have the tab, then update the app Device Help - Android Apps on Google Play )
    • Try calling someone that has trouble hearing you and switch over to cell to see if that ‘fixes’ it for them? how to is in the RW app Settings under Advanced
    • I would also clear both the System and app Cache Clearing the Cache it can be a bit tricky but is dooable
  • I normally wear hearing aids, and had to adjust how I hold the phone to get over my old school use of a Ma bell handset which used to cup around our ears. Depending on the type of HA and where its pick up mics are located you may need to play around with it a bit so the HA is pointing to phones earpiece. I have a Bluetooth adapter that will play the phone directly to my HA, but normally don’t need it. The picture below shows why pressing a smartphone to you face could be problematic

Great tips! Thanks for sharing. Do you know what to do about the audio feedback? https://saywhathearing.com/en/articles/technology/what-you-need-to-know-about-feedback-cancellation

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