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2nd Generation Moto X user. Ever time I leave wifi range a chrome window with “Hello Internet” pops up. This even when I am using Google maps. I need to get rid of the page multiple times while I am trying to read driving directions while driving. More than annoying. Dangerous.

Also, I often don’t get internet service when the cell signal strength says 2-4 bars. Why? Thanks

The pop up window issue may well be a third-party app doing this. I have never seen Chrome exhibit such behavior on its own. Still, you might scan through the Chrome browser settings to see in there might be a related option that needs disabling.

The signal strength indicator (bars graph) may not immediately indicate the actual signal strength. I’m not sure what the precise update time is. That said, the problem may also be a cellular node capacity issue. If that tower’s capacity is being heavily used, it might cause a delay in servicing your place in queue. In other words, towers don’t always respond the way we expect them to. If this is a persistent problem seen throughout your usage area, that would surely indicate an issue with the phone or network.

Hi @williamg.22,

I’m sorry I didn’t see your post sooner.

The “Hello Internet” screen indicates the phone has automatically connected to a Wi-Fi network. Would you mind checking on your Wi-Fi settings in the Republic Wireless app?
Open the RW app
Tap the settings gear :gear: at top right
Tap WiFi settings
and make sure both options are unchecked.

Please let us know if that helps. Otherwise, it may be a matter of “forgetting” some common networks in your saved Wi-Fi networks.

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Maybe I’m not reading your post correctly, but I don’t see which 2 options are supposed to be unchecked.

Hi @mikek.hbik9v,

If you’re having trouble with the phone connecting automatically to networks and you need more control, you can disable some of the automation.

The two I have checked, here.

Thanks! The hello internet windows were extremely annoying.

Thank you. This worked!

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