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moto g 2 accidently turned on talk back feature can not turn it off phone is locked up can not do any thing with it turned on and off nothing still locked up any one please help

Hi @barryd.jps8i3,

Please see if this helps: How to Disable Talkback – Republic Help.


Thank you.

What a miserable app… I was ready to throw the phone against the wall!!! The phone was locked up could not access nothing could not answer the phone NOTHING!!! How I was able to solve the issue was to hold the volume up and down button and it asked if I want to SUSPEND the talk back feature once I did that I could use the phone to go back into settings and turn off that miserable piece of [redacted]

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Talk back is a necessary accessibility option for folks who have extremely bad eyesight or are blind or have some sort of other disability requiring the need for voice prompts for everything.

It is certainly annoying for the rest of us who do not need that feature, to have it accidentally become active. Creeps many folks out as they think their phone is “possessed” or “Haunted” as they had no idea phones have this feature.

The only way I would use it is if I was mentally impaired…which I almost was…as a result of the dam thing being activated. I almost launched the phone against the wall…I have ZERO patients when it comes to phones or directv…Thankfully, there is RW community to keep people sane! Directv customer service is like talking to people in stupidville…I hate calling them for anything. Anyway Thanks You for your reply!

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