Help activating Moto Z Play



My Nexus 5X phone bit the dust on me and I’m now switching over to a Moto Z Play. I bought an unlocked phone on Amazon. When I insert my Republic SIM, though, it says this phone is unsupported. My phone’s model number is XT1635-02, which as far as I can tell, RW’s website says is the compatible model. Any ideas on what the issue is?



There could be a couple of things. First, does the phone have more than 1 SIM slot?

If yes, it’s the Brazilian or International version and won’t work.

If no, please run a system update, that will likely resolve the issue.


Thanks for replying! Only one SIM slot, as far as I can see. Trying a system update now - thanks for the tip.


Okay, system updated and it still says unsupported. So it must be the international or Brazilian version? Even though the model number is correct?


Can you go to Settings – About Phone and tell us what it says under Software Build and Android Version?


It says:

Android version: 6.0.1
Build number MPNS24.104-44-10


That unfortunately is a Brazilian build. Motorola has made it VERY hard to make sure you’re getting the North American version of the phone. You can read more here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone


Oh wow, thanks for the info! I appreciate your help.


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