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I bought a Moto Z Play for a friend while he was in the hospital (he’s a RW customer, too). Since I didn’t have any of his account information at the time, I just bought it without stating that it was a replacement for an existing phone. He’s out of the hospital now so I have access to his RW account and gmail account.

I guess I have 2 concerns.

1: is there any way I can mess up and delete his old contacts? (assuming he had them backed up online to begin with…I’m not sure).

2: I don’t know how to get the new phone set up with his old RW number. I’ve see where I probably need to create a RW ticket. If so, any suggestions what information should be on the initial ticket request so as to reduce the amount of back and forth communication? I assume I need to request the ticket from his account, right?

Thanks for any help.

  1. if his contacts are sync to the Google account when that account is add to the new phone they will transfer over (with out removing them from the old phone)

  2. during activation the phone will 1st ask if current member and have you log in with his account

it will then give the option of replace a line or new line just select his line and the phone will take over the line and deactivate his old phone

Hi @waynep.srwux9

You should not need a support ticket to upgrade your friends phone.

1). If the contacts, apps, calendar,etc. are synced(backed-up) with his Google account, they should be restored when signing into his Google account the new device. SMS/MMS (text messages) will need to be back-up by a third party app… I use SMS Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play

2). During the activation process you will be asked if you want to replace(upgrade) a current line of service or create a new one. Just choose his current line(phone#). It should be noted that if the previous phone was on 2.0, you will need to select a new plan on 3.0.

Activate My Phone

Let us know if you have additional questions.

Thanks. So the prompt for replace(upgrade) will come after the RW app is installed?

…and I’ll need his RW account information to sign in to the RW app?


Republic and Cellular Activation

You’ve just completed the initial setup of your phone. Next, you’ll be taken through the Republic Wireless activation process as well as cellular activation.


Thanks. Looks like his contacts and apps installed. So now I have to go to: and follow those instructions?

Actually, the phone should prompt you to activate and walk you though the process.

Nope. Just sitting there. Seems to think it’s done. I can wander around and check settings, probably run app, etc. I just tried to call myself with his phone, and it went through. So somehow it’s activated. Caller ID of the call was from a 14 digit number (+26969xxxxxxxxx). Don’t see the republic App installed. Any suggestions?

I did get prompted to install new system software, but I assumed that was just an update of android, nothing to do with Republic. I didn’t update that.

I see. I guess I assumed when you said contacts/apps installed it included the RW app. Just go here and install it, should be good to go.

Just noticed that apps are still updating. But I don’t see the Republic app anywhere in the app list. Not in the updating, recently updated, or up to date lists. About 18 apps to go. Once they are done updating, I guess I should install the republic app (if it somehow doesn’t update automatically). Then start the app (or will it auto start?) and follow directions?

After installing the RW, if it does not prompt you, I would suggest a simple restart(power off/on). Additionally, I like to perform the Clearing the Cache procedures occasionally to keep the phone running smoothly.

Let us know if you still have issues after updating/installing regarding activation.

Seems to be working. Thanks. It’s wanting me to update android. Will that be painless?

Your most welcome.

waynep.srwux9 wrote:

It’s wanting me to update android. Will that be painless?

I assume that means Google(Android) wants to update something, so I hope so! (although sometimes there is pain involved). Make sure it has a good charge and go for it!.

I hope your friend’s recovery goes well,

Feel free to ask any and all questions here in the community forum.

I just tried to call myself with his phone, and it went through. So somehow it’s activated. Caller ID of the call was from a 14 digit number (+26969xxxxxxxxx).

@waynep.srwux9 ,

If that’s not his # you may have inadvertently activated it with a new #. If that is the case you will need to open a Support ticket.

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