Help calling and texting not working


moto E 4
2g data plan clear

Issue Description

my phone will not work, no texting or calling. It says put a sim card in, I haven’t touched it and it has been working. I checked the sim card is fine and still in my phone. Even on wifi I can’t text or call. This is horrible.


Please submit a help ticket


I did, it didn’t help…


Hi @joshuag.t1jidz
When did you put your support ticket into them? Usually it’s a 24 hr turnaround time.


I’m currently emailing about it


Great , If the chain of emails go stagnant after tomorrow evening post the ticket number here and an ambassador can inquire on you asking about it.


Hi @joshuag.t1jidz,

I’ve found your ticket and see that Alex has been working with you. He’s very knowledgeable and capable. The issue your phone is experiencing requires some research and evaluation in order to be sure it is correctly handled. Alex has seen other phones get into this state and he and any other team members who assist will do their utmost to take care of you.


moto E 4
yes 2g

Issue Description

I have not been able to use my phone for 3 days due to the maker of the phone, however I am not getting anything from Republic; why have this phone advertised if you don’t stand by it as a good phone. If I have a problem and now can’t use the service I am paying for you should do something. My plan has also changed from unlimited data to 2g and I have to pay more? This company has gone to trash since we first started and were excited about it. What are the benefits now to this company when others have better deals, phones, and coverage?


Hi @joshuag.t1jidz,

I’ve moved your post to this existing topic for context.

I’m not understanding why you’ve said you’re not getting anything from Republic? You have been advised in your ticket. I’ll follow up with you there to see with some additional details.

As for the pricing, our current plan structure has been in place since July, 2016. While we grandfathered existing members for as long as they remained on their legacy phones, we are not able to carry that pricing over to the new phones. We understand how competitive the market is and are continually looking for ways to add value to our service.



I recently purchased a Moto E 4th gen phone to replace my moto g 1st gen phone. I received and activated the phone on Monday October 23rd. It worked fine for four days. Then Friday morning October 27 it showed no cellular connection. I could not make or receive calls, or send or receive texts. I could not log in to the republic app, because it said I had no SIM card. I opened a help ticket on Friday the 27th and went the weekend without a working phone. I received a replacement phone on Monday the 30th. After activating the new phone I returned the original phone. Then today, four days after activating the second new phone it did the exact same thing. No cell service, no calling or texting. The republic app says to insert a SIM card. Two phones in a row that lasted 4 days each. Republic has two strikes, and I’m really disappointed at the downturn in quality. What is wrong with the company that it cannot keep a new phone in service for more than four days?


Hi @scottm.6qzd0o,

In a small number of cases, the Moto E4 experiences the issue you’ve described. We are seeing this across all carriers; it is not specific to Republic Wireless. Motorola has identified the issue and is in the process of testing the solution.

I’m very sorry to read that it has happened to you more than once. I’ve reviewed you ticket and have made sure it will receive the attention it deserves so that we get this taken care of for you without another repeat performance. Please let me know if there is anything further I can do for you.


Hi @scottm.6qzd0o,

Quite by accident I deleted your reply while trying to remove personal information that was included in your E-mail signature. I’ve quoted your questions above.

I certainly can understand why you wouldn’t want another E4, given you’ve seen this issue twice now.

Our support team will assess your current situation and work with you to make sure you have a solution that you are satisfied with. I’ve already let them know you have asked about these possibilities.

We’ve found that others who read the Community often think, “I have that exact same problem” when the problem is actually something else, so I’d like to refrain from replying here publicly as to what exactly the possible solutions might be. Otherwise somewhere down the line, people with a different issue may not understand why their situation is handled in a different manner.


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