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On the help page, you all need to put an option under the customer’s user name so they can go directly to the page that has all their account information. It took me forever this morning to even find how to get to it and I’m pretty tech/web savvy.

Hi @audreyq.

Are you making this suggestion about our website, our Member Community (, or our Help Center (

For the republic wireless website. I mentioned to an agent this information to pass along and they sent me to this forum to make the suggestion.

If you are on the help website then you are right there is no direct path from there to the account page.

Not extremely obvious…but the way to get from there to the account page is

  1. Click on the green RW arc in the top left corner…which puts you on the main RW page
    and from there you can click on Account in the top right. You may still need to enter login credentials as the RW Help page and RW account page are two separate websites.

  2. Alternatively, you can click on Community right above the customer name and then
    click on Account -> Account settings in the top middle.

Hi @audreyq,
As you can guess, it is through feedback from users that we can surface these navigational problems that the community/members encounter.

  • I just did a pass through both sites mentioned and am unable to find the page you are encountering the problem with.
    • If you could provide the link to the specific page, it can be brought to Republics attention.

ETA: Unfortunately, the Republic Help is the only page I have found with the ‘problem’

Yes, I’m referring from the help page. No one should have to go through all those steps you mentioned just to find their account when they could easily put the option in the drop down menu under the users name.


Thanks @audreyq, for clarifying that it’s the Help Center website you’re referring to. I couldn’t figure out where on the online store you would be seeing your username.

We are hoping to create some uniformity for navigation for the Republic Wireless website, the Help Center and the Community, but the timing is uncertain. Your idea may be a good interim step. I’ll pass it along to the right team.


I would feel remiss if I didn’t make a counter suggestion, because I feel that putting it in a pull-down effectively ‘hides’ it from many.

  • The adoption of a common header, used across all RW sites could eliminate this and at least one other problem that I am aware of
    • Some portions of the various web, do not provide links back to where a user (aka member) can purchase or check out whats for sale

Thanks @jben,

As I mentioned above, we’re looking at creating uniform navigation across all three sites, but do not have a timeline for that project.

Why make a counter suggestion when they could do both actually?

My apology, counter was a poor choice of words on my part. :blush:
I feel my alternative suggestion provides a direct path to a users Account at the top visible level, it is available if a user is not signed in, and reduces future maintenance tasks for Republic.

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