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My friend is out of town and her car broke down. She was having financial difficulties. I have not heard from her in about a week…can I make a one time payment to help her ??

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Hi @williamo.gl64yq,

You’re a great friend! Unfortunately, there’s no way to do what you propose without access to your friend’s account. For strict regulatory reasons, republic cannot grant that to you.

About all I’m able to think of is you could buy and give to her a prepaid card for her to use as payment. Most don’t work with Republic but one mentioned here does: Alternative Payment Methods.

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Well hein lies the problem…she is on disability from a car crash that almost killed her and I am not sure she is getting her check due to shutdown,went to South Carolina to help her brother with a flooding problem due to hurricane…was forced off road by an idiot and 500.00 ins deduct. is hard to come by when you have bills to pay…I have not heard from her as she was due to get her car back the day after we last talked…her brother is strapped for money due to being retired military…I thought I could just debit the money to republic and get her phone working again,at least I hope that is all that is wrong. Thank You for your reply my friend…

I agree with @rolandh, You’re a good friend (they are hard to come by).
The only help I can offer is information in regard to your friends disability check (SSDI). " All three programs (Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare ) are considered mandatory spending and are not affected by a federal budget debate." (or shutdown)
I hope that gives a little relief.
Shutdown info from Newsweek

Hi @williamo.gl64yq

Republic uses auto-charge to the credit or debit card supplied by the member in their account profile. Republic has no means of processing a manual payment.

What happens when you try to call her Republic number? Do you reach her voice mail? Have you tried sending a text message?

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