Help get my number back!

They cancelled my phone. How do I get my number back? I also can’t get help from these tickets. They don’t answer very quickly.


In searching for similar situations, I found that issuing a ticket is the best thing to do. Here’s a similar thread. How can i get my old number back?

Good Luck and hope this helps.

Hi @bethc.kfpjlz,

I’ve found your tickets, and I see that several have been merged into one. I’m going to merge your newest one into the existing one. This helps our agents stay focused and have the details all in one place. Having multiple tickets just creates additional times we have to ask the same questions and research your situation, and does not speed the process along at all, in fact it slows it considerably.

I’ll be following up with you from ticket 1065822. You can access it here: in just a little while. Please give me a few minutes to merge the ticket and look into the situation.

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