Help, Got new phone from Republic store and it looks like its been tampered



We ordered a new phone from the Republic Wireless store, and it came a few days later. But when we opened up the green republic shipping box the shipping air bubbles were already popped and the phone sounds loose inside the Motorola phone box. On close inspection, the tape used to seal the Motorola phone box looks like its been cut and then taped over with an additional piece of tape. Also the sku on the Motorola phone box has a black marker sharpie covering it up. Is this normal? I don’t really think so…

All this makes us believe the phone is not in good condition and may have been damaged in shipping, or even worse has been tampered with. We have not opened the Motorola phone box. When i attempt to return the phone from my account page it tells us that we will not be refunded taxes and shipping.

We did open a ticket (1261226) but no one has responded in 24hrs. We really don’t want to be stuck with a new phone that has already been used or damaged. I have attempted to just do a chat with republic staff but every time i try it doesn’t work, it just shows “Live chat software” and the link takes us to a marketing page for Live chat incorporated.

Please help! It’s experiences like this that make me wish it was easier to actually talk to a Republic Staff member.


James, Sorry for the issue you’re experiencing. I can’t really comment on what may or may not have happened with the phone, but I will call attention to your ticket with staff to see if we can’t get someone to take a look.


Hi @jamesr.7npdp7,

Please don’t return the phone with the normal “returns” option. If it is damaged (or worse, stolen, with a decoy weight in the box) you would be charged for damages.

I’ll take a look at your ticket and see if I can get some attention to it. The team best suited to handle this issue works regular business hours and was occupied with some meetings today, so it might be tomorrow before you receive an answer, unless one of our other teams is able to assist.

I’ll also look into why the chat option may not be working. Thank you for letting us know.


You type faster than I do, @louisdi. Maybe it’s this popcorn butter on my fingers…


Thank you!!! Yes, we feared someone could have tampered with it during shipping and possibly hijacked the phone with malware or put a fake one in there. We will wait to here from you. We appreciate the response!


It is highly unlikely that someone opened the phone box to put malware or anything ware on the phone. It would be stolen or replaced with a broken phone of any brand. Have you peeked inside the opened phone box to see whats there? Did you find the sim card type of credit card sized plastic. Is it popped out and possibly put inside the phone?
Is the phone box label green or gray? Just some thoughts is all trying to figure it out.


The sim card is still in the box. The label on the phone box is green with exception to the black marker through the SKU.

Yes, it is highly unlikely that someone put malware on it, but it is also highly unlikely to receive a shipment in this condition. Tempering with phones prior to shipment and putting malware on it has happened and is documented in the news, so I would not want to take that chance with how suspicious this package looks.

I am not able to peak inside the box, because it has been resealed and I really do not want to open the box without a Republic Wireless staff member telling me I am not going to be charged if I do. I want to return it the way it is, to show it was resealed.

I do appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. Hopefully a Republic Wireless staff member can address my ticket soon.


An agent is working on your ticket now. It’s possible an interruption may prevent an immediate response, but the ticket is in excellent hands.


Thank you so much @southpaw


Ok great I don’t want you to do anything that goes against RW. Just curiosity is all! Is there a way you can take a picture and document the way you see the package condition? Post it in this thread would be documentation for support to see.


Yes, that is a great idea. In fact, the support ticket staff member just asked for pictures too! I am probably just going to give it to them there.

Also, if any one else is wondering the result, Republic Wireless is shipping another phone to us immediately. Thanks everyone!


RW is good about doing that & usually quick too. Glad to always hear good news! Hope you like the replacement new phone.


I recently purchased two identical Motorola phones, one from a retail store, and one directly from RW. The original tape sealing the phone box was rectangular on both boxes. On the one received from Republic, a round piece of tape had been placed over the original tape, and a green label covered the white Motorola label. I’m sure that Republic opened the original box when they installed the SIM card, then resealed it with the round tape. Everything was in good order. There were no marks on either box with a black marker.


Thanks @davidw.ctd2jy! That’s great validation to have.

We don’t think anything was amiss on this order, but we want our members to be confident in their purchases.


Good morning @jamesr.7npdp7,

I have reviewed your ticket and your photos, and after consulting with smarter team members, I have a better understanding of what you’re seeing.

Since we offer phones outfitted to work on one of two carriers, our inventory must balance the need for stock availability for each network. Sometimes we must make adjustments after a phone has been inventoried for one network, and make it available for the other. The green sticker is an inventory management sticker, added to the box when the phone was put in one of the inventory groups. The SKU is used internally as part of the inventory process, and was marked out when this phone was reassigned to the other inventory group.

For one of our carriers, we must manually install the SIM card. If inventory needs change, the SIM card may have to be removed. This is why sometimes boxes show that they have been opened. We try to minimize human contact with the phone to the bare minimum, and there is no opportunity for our fulfillment team to install malware to the phone.

I can understand how the appearance caused concern, and have made our teams aware of that concern, but I also wanted to let you know the context for the markings on the box, so that if your replacement phone arrives in the same state you will know everything is ok.


Thank you. That certainly addresses two of the concerns, but certainly the
phone should not bounce around in the box along with the air bubbles
popped. I think your outfitter should improve their resealing process, as
that could cause cracked screens during shipment. Thank you so much for the
additional information. I truly appreciate your help and the investigation.


I just unpacked a new Moto G (5th Gen). The inner box was up against the side of the outer box with one air pack on the other side of it, another between the bottom of the inner box and the end of the outer box. IMHO had the phone been properly packed it would have been completely cushioned so I believe the shipping service RW uses needs to clean up their act.

The inner box did have two layers of tape, the first rectangular, the second round. The tape had torn, probably from rattling around in shipping, and I’m fortunate the phone didn’t fall out of the inner box when I pulled it from the outer box. Considering the way it was packed it would have been easy for the phone to fall out of the inner box during shipping. I’m thankful that didn’t happen.

The phone was in pristine condition despite the aforementioned issues. I then installed the GSM SIM. Next I went to Settings, About Phone and checked for updates. I repeated this three times getting a security update each time.


Mine was not packed very well either . One bag did not have any air an the big box rattled when picked up an moved around. It was the charger an cable. also the sku was marked out. as stated it must have been moved for inventory.
The thing i read on the label was moto5g+ 64 gb cdma phone. Well it came with TMO sim That was not my thing.
So filed a tbl ticket to have it change to cdma which is much better than tmo signal wise. This was on the 9th of Nov. To
day the 11th They finaly got /maybe resolved. And send a cdma sim


Mine had the marked-out number too, along with the rattle. @southpaw this is what we are finding:




I’m sorry, this seems like much ado about nothing. My household buys 90% of its stuff online. From groceries, to electronics, to personal care items, to furniture to just about everything. We buy from Amazon, Jet, Best Buy, Sears, high end boutiques and everything in between. Packaging ranges from multiple layers of boxes, to air pillows, to peanuts to crumpled paper. Sometimes things are tightly packed, sometimes they’re loose. In all cases the bottom line is, did the item arrive unharmed? In the last year, we’ve had NO items arrive damaged. This is despite loose packing, popped air pillows, ripped boxes, wet boxes, and packing that looks like it was done by a 4 year old.

What does it matter if the item arrives unharmed? I’m quite sure that Republic monitors the rate of items damaged in shipping and will take action if an issue exists.