Help! have moto play z.going to info already.have ?s


Going to Canada soon and have read the info about international calling.
BUT…finding a different sim card and installing/unistalling seems daunting. At 73 I hate to admit I’m a bit slow and could really use some tips as to navigating this. Does anyone know how extensive wifi is in Montreal???
My understanding is, I can call and receive calls when connected to wifi anywhere, right? But when I leave an area with wifi I have to install a different sim card and when in a wifi area I have to reinstall the Republic sim card, right?
I have a Moto Play z… but my son has a Moto G3 so he can only receive calls or texts when near wifi because his sim card can"t be changed out, right?
I’m a bit worried that if we become separated (he has Asperger Syndrome) and he’s not near wifi he might panic.
So where do I get a proper sim card for my phone? Also should I just buy a cheapie throwaway phone (is there such a thing?) for Canada?
I know this has a lot of ?s but I’m really confused.


Actually, I think you have a very good understanding of things. You and your son may use your Republic phones anywhere in Canada unrestricted WiFi is available to you. By unrestricted I mean the owner of the WiFi in question is doing nothing to block use of voice. Typically, in Canada this won’t be an issue. As in the U.S., you should find freely available WiFi in hotels, and other commercial establishments (restaurants, retail stores, etc.) as well as public libraries.

When away from WiFi, Republic phones (or SIMs in case of 3.0 phones like your Moto Z Play) will not work with Canadian cellular networks. You’re correct there isn’t an option for your son’s Moto G3, however, you may indeed purchase an alternative SIM for use in Canada with your Z Play. iRoam might be an option. Please know the Canadian cellular market isn’t exactly known for being competitive. Cellular service in Canada is fairly expensive. You would switch service on your Z Play between Republic service on WiFi and alternative service in Canada by swapping SIMs.

You asked about purchasing a cheap throwaway phone for Canada. There really aren’t great options for Canada. You might consider the rental option (and other information) here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.


Better late than never I guess, so …Thank You for the fast and concise answer !
After checking out the link you supplied and some other sites I think I’ll just stick to finding wifi. It’s way too expensive just to get started much less make calls.
My concern was getting separated from my son but I think he understands that he has to find a wifi spot and stay there calmly until we connect.
Thank you again,


Hi @shari2,

You’re most welcome!

The Canadian cellular market is truly awful. Makes the U.S. big 4 look great.

I can certainly understand the concern regarding being separated from your son. Again, it sounds as if you (and he) have a solid handle on things. If it helps further, freely accessible WiFi should be fairly ubiquitous. In particular, keep an eye out for Tim Hortons (Canada’s version of Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Creme).


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