Help, how to return a defective phone

I just bought a new phone from you guys and it is going nuts… it switches to airplane mode and then jumps to email and then jumps to my directory of new texts emails or whatever… I would like to return and get it replaced… how do I do that?

Hi @kirbyk

Please refer to this document.
Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help

You should open a support ticket and explain your situation, I’m sure they can help you. You could initiate a live chat from the “Open a ticket” page. Click the blue Chat Now box located top-right.

Let us know if you would like additional assistance.

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First, you need to open a ticket with the support team. Do this by going to

The find this:

Clickt the button and fill out the form. We will experct to do some troubleshooting before we approve a replacement. We are not the Warranty provider but we do provide this as a service. If you want, you can also go to the Manufacturer for their direct Warranty support.

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