Help I sold phone and forgot to erase it first



I just sold my Moto X Pure on ebay and because of lack of sleep I forgot to erase it first. Now the buyer has my phone but it’s locked with my swipe code. I just now reset all of my passwords so she can’t get to anything. I’d like to erase it now before I give her the swipe passcode (in order to erase, it must be connected to wi-fi or cell). If I give her the swipe code and erase it, the the phone will automatically erase once she connects it to the internet. MY QUESTION IS: Will she be able to use the phone? Will it allow her to put in her info and start out fresh? It won’t brick the phone will it?


Once she gets into the phone with your swipe code she should first go to settings and remove the code. Then she should factory reset it. Does she know she will need a SIM?


The new owner may or may not need a SIM and may or may not be activating the phone with Republic. It’s quite common when purchasing a previously used unlocked phone to transfer the SIM one is already using with their current service provider.


Hi @jefferyb,

If you changed your Google credentials, then when you remotely factory reset the phone, it will be locked for 72 hours. What’s more, a factory reset on a screen-locked phone will require your google credentials in order to unlock it.

Here is a good explanation of this protection feature.

Your best bet may be to have the new owner ship the phone back to you so you can properly unlock it.


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