Help installing Norton Family


Hi. I’m having trouble properly installing Norton Family on my kids phones and have not been able to reach Norton support. I saw in a previous post that another Republic customer uses this for their phones and am hoping louisdi or another user of norton family can help me out.



Wish I could help. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work from a quick a search, but I am no expert on this ;). Paging @louisdi


Hello, we do use it. We have it installed on a Republic Moto G4 and Nexus 5X. What issue are you having specifically?


It seemed to be working fine at first, but now I’m getting a message on the activity summary screen that says “this feature is not supported for android” and “this device is not associated with any supervision supported device” for both social network supervision and video supervision.

I’m not very savvy with technology and am still fairly new to androids. I’m curious about the email address I should be using on the phones. The kids all want their school emails attached to the phone, but I think that seems to make it more difficult to manage the playstore, etc. Maybe I should have one “family” email account attached to all of the kid phone? IDK

I’m installing on a moto e and two moto g3.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Neither social network or video supervision works on Android.


Oh my goodness! I see that now. I don’t know why I thought it was active initially, maybe the lag in time between setting up the phones and when the message popped up - it took over a day. Thanks for pointing out what I obviously missed!

Do you have any advice regarding the email address associated with the play store as far as making sure app use is monitored? Do your devices all use the same address? Does that matter?


You can see the apps through Norton Family. Go to the House Rules for the applicable child, click mobile app supervision and you’ll see all the apps installed on the phone and be able to selectively block the ones you don’t want used.


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