Help me find the best protective case for moto g5s Plus

seeking a case that protects camera and front with a lip so not touch surfaces and survive dropping

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The best protection is the one you will use. I’ve used Tudia cases on a couple of my phones. They make nice slim cases, TPU material with a plastic backing for a little added protection. They are available through eBay for a similar price with free shipping.

I recommend staying away from cases made of flexible silicone as the tend to be soft & flappy.

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thank you,William

The best protective case is a rather subjective issue. It doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive, either. But, I would stay away from the real cheapies. I personally like the cases that have a soft, silicone-like (TPU) inner liner with a harder plastic protective shell over that. You should have no difficulty finding one on or other online vendor.



FYI, TPU and soft silicone are different materials.

From my experience the silicone cases are more slipper like while the TPU cases more like a shoe. In the event of an accident the phone may slip out of the softer silicone and may be damaged on a subsequent impact.

Here are some words on the subject I just found for your reading enjoyment.

Precisely why I used the term “silicone-like”… in case the reader was/is unfamiliar with TPU. :vulcan_salute:

One with a wrist strap will keep you from dropping it if you can stand using it.

Even with a case the camera will be a week spot so keep that in mind.

thanks,beachb. just wondering which ones fit well,and agree about the type.
I went and ordered the Incipio case from Republic but if I don’t think it
is protective enough I will get another, maybe the Tekoo Hybrid Combo
case,the Tudia slim dual layer case, or Spigen Rugged Armour Case

I really, really like E LV cases. They add a lot of weight that you may not want, but they do offer really good protection. Fit is extremely good, and the price is low. I sought the one for my G5+ out after having had a really good experience with the one for my Moto-X (gen 1).

I’ve purchased both on Amazon. Make sure you search for “E LV.” There’s a wishbone-like symbol between the E and the L that needs to be ignored if you want to find the case.


The URL above is for the 12 foot military drop tested Zizo Bolt Series case I purchased for my new G5 plus phone. The lip on both the front and back camera area is several mm deep. It is an extremely well constructed case, but is also a little heavier than a less protective case. It has an excellent kickstand, and a wonderful holster for those who need to clip the phone to their pants. The weak part is the actual clip on the holster. It rotates so you can orient your phone more horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. I think that is why it is inherently easy to break, which I did in less than a month. Other than the weak clip, it is a very tough case. I have trouble with my hands, and have dropped many nice things in the last few years. This case has a good feel to it, and I have yet to even come close to dropping it. Also, the covering over the volume up/down and power buttons works well without significant interference in using those functions. It is a very well made case. got my case in blue. For some reason Amazon is only showing a tan or red version right now. You can purchase from the
Zizo web site. But the case I paid $17.99 for shipped on Amazon is $34.00 on the Zizo web site. Amazon also sells several less expensive military drop tested Zizo cases for the Moto g5plus. The case I purchased included 1 quality glass screen protector, and it is easy to apply. I also purchased a set of 3 microfiber pouches on Amazon for $5.49. Here is the URL: I slip my phone into one of these cases to protect the screen protector while the phone is in my purse. The pouch is just big enough to be easy to put in or remove the Moto G5 without excessive size. I use the others to protect sunglasses.

The case I purchase has a very generous return period. I could still return mine on which I broke the clip. The reason I have not is that I really like the kickstand, and I very much appreciate the fact that it is an easy case to hold securely. Otherwise, I would have gone with the slimmest case.

You could also see if Otterbox offers a case for this model. Their cases are very protective. Here is the URL for another case I would have liked just for keeping the phone in my purse if I did not also need a tough case for my considerable outdoor activities: . It is a beautiful case and does seem to provide significant protection for the rear camera. Sorry this post is so long. Good luck!

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Thanks for the info on the Zizo cases. Good to know of another maker of rugged cases. Otterbox doesn’t offer them for many phones.

You are welcome. As a female, I would have preferred a more feminine case.
But I need rugged. This Zizo Bolt fits the Moto G5+ perfectly , and is
really well made. It would be a great guy case. The clip is not hard to
break. But it isn’t hard to break on Otterbox either.

Had a Trident “guy” Case Kraken AMS on my X1 for protection and really liked it. The cases with port covers are really nice for those spending a lot of time in dusty/dirty conditions. Case didn’t prevent X1’s untimely death due to cell radio failure though. Enjoy your G5+.

After a protective case and clip complete failure — Moto G5 Plus, COVRWARE [IRON TANK] Built-in [Screen Protector] Heavy Duty Full-Body Rugged Holster Armor [Brushed Metal Texture] Case [Belt Clip][Kickstand] For Moto G5 PLUS, Black via Amazon; clip shattered in less than a month – I decided to give my old Otterbox (from my Moto G3 that had since gone to a new home) a try on my G5-Plus. Guess what? It fits perfectly, and protects the G5-Plus from drops, etc!

I had a Trident Cyclops case for 3 years for my Moto X G1. Unfortunately, Trident does not make a case for the Moto G5 Plus.

I got a SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case with Built-in Screen Protector for Motorola Moto G5 Plus 2017 Release, Unicorn Beetle PRO Series . That is very close to my old Trident case and maybe even a little better. It is very rugged and fits the phone well. The only down sides are the have a limited number of colors and it comes with a belt holster which I don’t use.

I have the Moto g 5 s plus,which seems to have a limited choice

Here is the case I am using to protect my new Moto G5 S Plus,

It protects both the front of the phone with a lip and protects the rear camera very well, which as you know is quite exposed on the G5 S plus.
As far as surviving drops, only time will tell, but here is what I do know.

I lost my first moto X, gen 1 to a fall; it was encased in an Otterbox. I successfully protected My Moto X gen 2 in a case from Ballistic for over three years, but they do not seem to offer a case for the G5 S plus; the case that I am recommending is very similar to in design to that Ballistic. My wife has been using this case on her Moto X gen 1, I know that phone has survived many drops.
This case is affordable (under 10 bucks if you have Amazon prime) fits well and protects the glass surfaces well. Good luck.

BTW The Moto G5 S Plus is an awesome phone!

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