Help me pick a phone (or performance tips)?

So many choices, so I’m hoping someone can help me narrow them down.
I started with a Defy, moved up to a Moto X, and X2, then to a G5 Plus. Each of the phone was great at first, but after a while would seem to bog down.
I expect to have my phone for a while, especially if I pay a lot for it, so features/specs that won’t be outdated quickly would be preferred.

  • First thing, I have about 200 or so apps (including built-in) on my phone. I will probably always have at least that many. I don’t always use them, but I’ve had close to 250 in the past.
  • A phone that gets more Android updates (Google, older Moto) is also a plus. The same OS for many years is not preferred.
  • I prefer my phones with as few apps as possible out of the box, but that’s not a requirement.
  • Decent camera, decent amount of RAM, expandable storage.
  • Good support. Motorola has had great hardware support. You can get a refurbished exchanged phone out of warranty for less than you can on eBay. Broken screens are, relatively speaking, cheap to fix.

It doesn’t have to be a low end phone, but I’m ok buying something higher than what I need (if I can swing it) now so it will last longer. For PC people, I’d rather spend money (again, if I can swing it) on an Intel i7, even if I don’t need that power now, knowing it will last longer before needing to be replaced.

I may not need a Google PIxel 6 or Samsung Galaxy s10, but I’m tired of my Moto phones performance not lasting.

Alternatively, if anyone has any good performance/cleanup solutions, I’m open to those as well.

I’m in the exact same boat. My G5 Plus was great at first, but it’s getting slower and slower and I’m tired of having an inferior camera. I love Moto Actions, but everything else Motorola is inferior with other options on the market now.

I’ve been super anxious for the Pixel 4 (assuming/hoping RW will support it), but I’m a little concerned about some of the specs & quality. I’m not sure I can justify that price for so many strikes against it. So that leaves me looking at maybe the Pixel 3 series, perhaps the 3a or 3a XL as the better bang for the buck. Hardware wise, there’s not much difference between the 3 series and 3a series. So that’s really the set of Android options for me. I’m not crazy about Samsung or the prices they charge. And RW doesn’t support other phones I might be interested in. For the first time ever, I’m considering an iPhone. But I really love Android, and I’d really hate to leave RW.

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My wife upgraded from a G5+ to a G7…she is happy with that upgrade.

If the Pixel 3 experiences a further price drop, the 128 GB version of that would be my first choice. I’m using the original Pixel and it still performs just fine.


Sorry for the late reply. I’m sure a G7 would work for a short while. I was happy with my 6 for quite some time, but long term it got bogged down and I would tend to think that will happen with the 7 since it’s the same line.

Looks like they are out of stock on Google’s website. Is that because of the next gen phone coming?

Probably. They were in stock a couple days ago.

I understand those who do, but iPhones aren’t an option for me. I can do a little more (like side-loading apps) with an Android device and I’m vested with my apps, not that I’ve bought a ton, but I would have to spend some money to get to a similar place with an iPhone.
The one thing that keeps me limping along is Assistant for Android, not to be confused with Android Assistant. When my phone bogs down, I’l run that to kill a bunch of apps running in the background. I realize that’s probably not the best thing to do, but I don’t know what all to do.

As much as I’ve talked bad about iPhone over the years, I objectively believe that Android vs. iPhone is not a one-size-fits-all decision. It really depends on the type of user and what they’re looking for in a phone. Clearly, iPhone is not for you.

I love all the customization possibilities with Android. I side-load a few apps and have only paid for a handful over the years. Google Assistant and Android Auto (especially the new version) is generally good, though it can be buggy. This is not a decision I’m making lightly. I’ve been mulling it over for almost a year. I want to stay with Android. I really, really want to stay with RW. But it’s hard to ignore that the iPhone 11 has far better hardware and is the better bang for the buck on a high-end phone than any Android phone I can bring to RW.

Maybe the pixel 3 would work for you instead?

Thank you for the tip. Yes, I’ve given a lot of consideration to the 3, 3 XL, 3a, and 3a XL. I was even one click away from getting the 3a XL that BB had for $320. But even at that price, I’d rather spend a little more and get a higher quality phone.

I bought my original Pixel refurbished about a year and a half ago now and I have not had any issues with sluggishness. After getting Android 10 the phone was noticeably snappier which was strange since I didn’t think it was sluggish before… Google seems to put a lot of thought into their phones and keeping them updated.

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What about Samsung? I always think of that comic (was it a comic?) where an Apple device is bragging about its features one by one and Samsung is like we had that feature in …such and such…year…

But, this, absolutely. I don’t begrudge iPhone people their devices…only their computers! :wink:

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I’m in the same situation myself. I had a Defy XT, Moto X and then Moto X2. I like what I’m seeing regarding the Pixel 3a but I’m wondering about that vs. getting a higher end used Samsung on eBay. The X2 has really been a bad phone and I want to get away from Motorola. I’ve been hanging on because I will lose my old plan and really enjoy those $13-$15 monthly cell phone bills! Has anyone out there had experience with both and, if so, what do you think?

I personally would choose the Pixel 3a each and every time over a used Samsung. The camera in the 3a compares well even to the highest end Note 10+, and the user experience is quite good. Unless you’re doing high-end gaming I doubt you’ll notice any performance issue versus the Samsung devices.


Thanks Louis! I’m leaning in that direction and I don’t do any gaming, so it sounds like a good fit. Plus, I like the idea of fast software updates — and a brand new phone …

Also be very very careful when ordering phones from Ebay. They are not always what is presented in the listing.

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Swappa might be a safer option. I think you can get warranties through both. Possibly make payments for purchases on Swappa.

I do have to ask, short of a reload, does anyone have any performance tips/cleanup tools to recommend?

I use Files by Google to keep things tidy. Otherwise, I’m not a great believer in performance/cleaning apps. I try to be pretty careful about what apps I put on my phone.

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