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I have a Samsung J7. I have been getting a notification from Androud system that says too many files have been created and I need to backup important data and factory reset my phone. Would anyone be willing to walk me through that? How and what do I need to back up? Do I remove my ad card? Will everything in there be okay when I put it back after? What else do I need to know?

Hi @donj.xf5cjk,

Before factory resetting the phone, it might be possible to see what is using your phone’s storage and perhaps remove enough clutter to prevent the need for a factory reset.

Besides, if you reset, then restore all the same apps and content, you’ll soon end up with a recurrence of the same error message.

Would you mind taking a look at your storage situation and perhaps share a screenshot with us here so we can better assist you? Instructions are here: How to View Storage Details on a Samsung Phone – Republic Help

If you prefer to do the factory reset, instructions (including a link to backing up files) are here: How to Perform a Factory Reset on a Samsung Galaxy Phone via the Settings Menu – Republic Help

There’s no need to remove the SD card prior to a factory reset, but doing so doesn’t hurt anything, either, if you just want to feel extra-extra safe!

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In the beginning of April, when I started getting this message, I bought an SD card and put everything I could in it. That worked for a couple of weeks. Then it came back. I have uninstalled a bunch of apps. It worked for a week. So I uninstalled more. And it’s back again. At this point the phone has lost a lit of its use for me. Not sure what else to do. I appreciate any help though.

Try this:
-open apps

  • sort list by size
  • see if a few apps stick out as being very large (multiple GB)
  • at least clear cache for those apps…consider clearing storage too.

My guess is that you have a rogue app creating too many folders and/or files.

BTW…lots of discussion online on J7s with this issue. You’re not alone!

Good luck!


None of my apps were higher than 1.75, but I cleared the cashe for the top few. Then I realized that some if the apos that I had moved to the sd card were back to internal storage. So I moved them back to the card which helped tremendously. How did they move back on their own and it there a way to stop it from happening again? Also, is there a way to find and stop whatever files are being created and clogging up my phone?

Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi @donj.xf5cjk,

I’m sorry to see no one followed up with a suggestion to identifying the apps responsible for consuming your phone’s available storage. I think the steps @ceedee posted about sorting the list by size might be the best approach, especially if you keep an eye on it and the same app keeps popping to the top of the list even after you’ve cleared cache for those apps.

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