Help, Moto G 1st Gen phone hacked?

I believe my Moto G (1st Gen) phone or router was hacked. Yesterday, I opened the Kroger grocery store website on my phone and went to the sign in page, the email address field had an email address in it that is not mine. The remember box was checked so the email address was saved in the email address field. A Google search of the email address came back with two people with the name in the email address in two states. A couple nights ago, when I used my phone to do a search on Google Chrome, Google displayed a message that there was unusual network activity coming from my address and wanted me to verify that I was not a robot. I turned the Wi-Fi off on the phone then but since turned it back on. I was at home when I was using Google on my Wi-Fi connection, so could someone have hacked into my internet router and then into my phone. Or could someone just hack into my phone? The wi-fi on the router has the password that is printed on the AT&T router. I cleared the browsing data on Google Chrome on the phone. Is there security settings on the phone or router that I should check? Can internet security software be installed on the phone? Is there a site that I should report the email that was on the phone to? It was a gmail account. Should I contact Google? I appreciate any help anyone can provide. I’ve open ticket with Republic Wireless but haven’t received a response yet. Thank you.


Change the password on the router, the 192.168.??? number should be on the router. Change the Google Password, the RW password, and any other that might be compromised.

Never hurts to be safe!

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Here are some tips:

  • Change your wifi router password from the default password, pick a passphrase.

  • Do not allow your phone to automatically connect to untrusted/open wifi network.

  • Connecting to open/untrusted network leads to device hijack.
  • Install security/antivirus/etc. app on your phone for scan, but might be too late.
  • closing the barn door after the horses gone and all that…
  • Change password or reset password on all your online accounts.
  • Again, pick a passphrase for ease of recall.
  • Backup your phone data and reset to factory default if all else fail.
  • This is one sure way to reset and allows clean device.

Thank you for your help. I will change the router password and other passwords.

Thank you for your help. I installed Kaspersky internet security on the phone. If I reset the phone to the factory default does that remove the Kaspersky and any apps installed on the phone? Thanks.


Back up anything you need. The factory reset will make the phone just like you received it from RW. The apps should reinstall from google playstore, the email will reinstall when you enter it so the contacts will be there. all you would need is to save pictures in Google Photos or your pc with the usb cable. This app saves the sms/mms and restores it too, I like the carbonite brand.

SMS Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play

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