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I had a samsung flip phone and I went to uscellular and on a flash stick had them give me my contacts how do i get them on my alcatel . my computer cant seem to read them they are on a pdf

Hi @beverlyr.ql81mm,

I’m afraid there is no way to move contacts from your flip phone to your new Alcatel using a PDF file. I suggest going back to U.S. Cellular and asking they transfer your flip phone’s contents to VCF (also known as vCard if possible) or CSV if not.

Hi @beverlyr.ql81mm,

Once your flip phone’s contacts are available in a format Google will accept, here’s some guidance on the import itself: Add, move, or import contacts.


Hi @beverlyr.ql81mm

From what I have read it seems possible to covert a PDF and to a save it as a CSV or Vcard file that will let you import the contacts via your computer.

This site (I tried it and and it worked) does it for free. Could save you a trip going back to U.S. Cellular :wink:
Convert PDF to CSV

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