Help! Need More Data

I’m out of data and would like to purchase more but I’m having difficulty. I’m on Wi-Fi with Excellent Signal Strength but when I try to purchase more data or do anything on my phone through RW I get a message “This view is not available because you do not have cell or Wi-Fi data connectivity”. I’ve tried to find an option online through my computer to purchase more data and can’t find an option to do so. Can anybody tell me what to do?

Please submit a help ticket to add more data. If you get funneled to a community expert, please escalate back to internal help. This issue will require internal help to resolve.

Which phone and android version do you have?


If you are on the 1.0 or 2.0 plans and want to do it yourself online there is an undocumented unsupported way to do it by going to this link

click on the blue circle with the word “NOW” on it…in order to buy more data. If you have multiple phones on your account, be sure that you are in the sub-menu of the right phone number.

Clicking the blue circle labeled “Now” does nothing for me. To the best of my knowledge, the most direct way to make a one-time purchase of cell data using this undocumented website is to click the blue circle with the + sign bottom right.

On my computer (Firefox on Windows 7)…clicking on NOW gives me a screen with data amounts

0.5GB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB (Data amounts are in a blue circle similar to “NOW”

Clicking on one of the data amounts…takes you to a change confirmation page

showing the selected data amount and the cost.

Try clicking the blue circle with the + sign lower right of the screen. What happens? I’d try it myself but my sole remaining legacy phone is WiFi only at the moment and I’d rather not bump it to Talk & Text just for purposes of this experiement.

I didn’t notice the “+” sign earlier as I had a fairly large window and that sign was at the bottom right corner after a large empty space. It brings up the same menu to add data. So both the “NOW” and “+” buttons appear to work in Firefox.

Maybe in your case, the “NOW” button knows that you are on WiFi only plan and so doesn’t allow adding data until you

go and change out of the WiFi only plan. I have one phone with no monthly data…and another with 0.5GB of monthly data.

Both of them seem to work with the NOW button as well as the “+” button.

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