Help needed updating E911 address

I am trying to update my E911 address. I have moved. I have added the new address as an option, but when i click on it, the screen resets but nothing changes. It still shows the wrong address as the option. How do i change it to the correct address? Thank you.

Moderator’s note: Title edited for length.

Hi @joshuac.o1r2s8,

I’m able to duplicate your experience, and will ask our team to look into it. Would you like to open a support ticket so we can keep you apprised when the issue is resolved, or would you rather just check back?

Hi @joshuac.o1r2s8,

Could you (or anyone else who can duplicate) please open a support ticket describing the issue? Although I’m able to duplicate the issue, our team would like member examples so we can look for the cause. We’re not able to consistently duplicate the issue, and need to see some additional examples (besides my own).

If you’ll let me know the ticket number once you’ve opened it, I’ll make sure it gets to the right place.

Thank you!

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