Help new phone confusion!

My motox2 is on its last legs…where can I go to get the battery replaced, and is that worth the hassle or is this phone outdated?

I’m really confused comparing new phone options. The G6 offer looks good, but what will I miss going from X2 to the lower end G6? Will G6 also run on sprint or will it move me to TMobile? I assume X2 is on Sprint? I prefer G6 over X4 mainly for bigger screen…but I see width is same, just taller screen… I don’t want to upgrade and have same small screen?

Or then I see Moto Z play with big screen and the speaker mod… I’m not overly worried about a few extra dollars… but prefer it goes on sale?

Any thoughts on all this… sorry for the rambling thoughts but can’t make a decision on this…

You might want take a look a Detailed Supported Phone Features this is a user provided comparison of what are considered important functions/features, if it’s elgible for GSM or CDMA (CDMA is Sprint GSM it T-Mobile)
Hopefully that will help you narrow it down

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