Help! Phone will not turn on

Help! My son is in NY and leaving for Panama Monday am. His phone will not turn on.

Can you provide more details?

What phone and plan does he have?

What aspects of the phone are not working? Can you think of any triggers that got the phone in this state?

Moto x. On/off button won’t function.

Was glitchy today and could not take screen shots.

Plan is unlimited data

Just to clarify, when you say Moto X…is that the Moto X ( 1st generation) on the 1.0 or the 2.0 Refund plan?

Is the phone otherwise usable…but doesn’t respond to ON/OFF button…or do you have a frozen/unresponsive screen?

An unresponsive phone can be restarted with a long press of the power button. Hold the power button 2-5 seconds.

Sometimes it can take up to two or three minutes for an unresponsive phone to respond. If you have a blank screen

or suspect the battery might be dead…try to charge the phone with a known good charger for about twenty minutes

and retry the long press of the power button.

Sent him a screenshot of your msg. Moto x second gen is the phone.

Let us know, how it goes.

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