Help re-connecting a Moto X Pure to my network

I have a moto x pure. Up until a few weeks ago it had been working fine. Now, at home, it constantly (every couple minutes) freezes, drops wifi, I try to reconnect, it gets stuck on looking for IP address and goes no further.

I have deleted several newish apps and several other so I’m down to bare bones there, I have reseated the SIM card, I have gone through the reentering of the password process several times. Nothing seems to work. This issue only happens at home and not at they public wifi locations.

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The fact that it fails at home on your WiFi only, makes me think that it’s probably your WiFi. Perhaps a neighbor move channels?

I would start with Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network

Hi @pauls.4kekg8,

One fairly simple thing to try is rebooting your router. Sometimes I’ve experienced what your describing on one phone in a house full of active, connected devices. After rebooting, everything reconnects, including the one phone that was having trouble.

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