Help taking one of my phone #'s from Republic to ATT


My work is now taking me into Canada frequently and I need to transfer one of my phones from Republic to ATT. The ATT store tried to port my number but ran into problems. They indicated that they needed my google voice unlock # and needed me to verify my account # (I assumed that it was the phone # because I don’t see any Account # associated with my account.) Any help out there?


Basically, find someone else at AT&T to talk to.

See here: AT&T Says My Number Is with Google Voice When Transferring from Republic Wireless – Republic Help

Also, when porting out of Republic your account number is your phone number without the dashes, and your PIN you must set yourself in your account (directions at the link below).

You can read more about porting out here: How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help


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