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Hello, any help is appreciated. Trying to change my plan before I run out of data. Following instructions but can’t get past screen that shows me my current plan. Tried to open a “ticket” to solve the problem, but couldn’t get that to work either…When I clicked on “submit” I got to a screen that offered a couple of ‘help page’ type if articles, but no way to submit the ticket. Do, any ideas to: solve original problem or submit a help ticket, or reach a human being at republic wireless, or how to cancel and go to another company? Thank you!


Start from scratch, press the circle

Press the apps button (right above the circle)

Search Apps, type Rep (you sould see Republic now)

Press Republic

You should see “YOUR PHONE INFO”

Along the right edge, you should have a Green dot with a Plus in the middle

Press the green dot plus.

Change Plan

Select any other plan.

And if this is still not letting you get passed here, restart the phone, make sure you have wifi connection. I’ve ran out of data a few times and it still let me change plans with zero data left at least.


plan changes are done in the Republic app

for current plans you done need data to change to a data tier (the Republic app will still have access to data it needs to do this)

How To Change My Plan

for 2.0 refund plans



for 1.0 plans


Note for 1.0 and 2.0 $5 plan you will need to be on WiFi to change plans

edit to add

to create a ticket you can also do it from the Republic app or go here --> Republic Help

clicking on the blue “Chat Now” box will get you a chat window with Republic support


If you are not the owner on the account then you will not be able to do any action that will cost money. Have the owner log into your Republic app and add data.

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