Help! Why is my moto x pure burning thru data?


I recently changed from a moto x 1st gen to the moto x pure. The way I use data has not changed, but I had to purchase more during my first month, and now only a few days into the new month… Same issue. This is after installing net guard. I am beyond frustrated and regret buying this phone. Plus, I was previously on the plan that paid me for the data I didn’t use. For the first time in 3 years, I am doubting Republic. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Don’t blame the phone. The odds are high that it is a user issue. Go to Settings > Data Usage to see what is consuming so much data. You can use the Republic app to restrict data access for individual apps. Take control of your phone.


The Republic app cannot be used to restrict cell data on an app-by-app basis for Republic’s 3.0 phones. It’s all apps or none. Some use firewall apps like NetGuard - no-root firewall - Android Apps on Google Play mentioned by the OP. It’s also possible to restrict background data use in Settings, in which case restricted apps will use cell data only when on the screen.


You might want to take a look at this information. **However, do not turn off cellular data roaming. ** Your new phone needs to have access to cellular data roaming to make phone calls and text messages.

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Hi @sherryf.jlehus ,

Could you tell us which apps the phone reports as using the most data? It’s possible there’s some automatic syncing that’s going on that needs to be locked down.


My data usage is showing Facebook, removed apps and users, yahoo mail are currently using the most data. I have followed other instructions, so I don’t know if it has changed anything. Any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Thanks for your help. I have followed instructions in the article. I am confused by conflicting instructions. Some say never turn off roaming data, others say make sure it is turned off. Very confusing! Thanks again!


Yes, I fully understand that it may be my lack of knowledge. I did not have any concerns like this with the previous phone, so I did not expect to have to learn and do so much just to prevent so much data from being totally wasted.


The base android system has the ability to turn off regular and roaming data. If that is shut off the Republic service will suffer, we need it on to help with calls and texting. So that this valid need can be accomplished we added the ability to block roaming and regular data via our app. That allows us to still use data for our needs (free to you) and block other use so you can watch your budget. It is kind of similar to turning off the water at spigot instead of at the water main. If you turn it off at the water main, the whole house gets no water.


Ok, now if I do leave the cellular data roaming on, do I need to do anything to block roaming and regular data? Again, thanks!


Our app has the option to block roaming and regular cell data. If you want to use our app to block those then good just do not use anything in Android Settings to do it.

Also, if the Facebook app is eating too much data a lot of users remove the app and just use Facebook in the browser on the phone.


3.0 plans have no user roaming data so no need to turn that off [2.0 plan users can have it turned off in the Republic app]


Yahoo is spamming you with ads. There are a number of complains about this at Google Play store for the Yahoo mail app. So you may have to either read you email while on WiFi, pay Yahoo to get rid of them, or look for someone else for your email needs.


Hi @sherryf.jlehus,

Since the Yahoo app is known for delivering advertising that can add to your data use, you might want to consider accessing your Yahoo mail through the Gmail or Email apps. For example, you can add your account to the Gmail app by tapping the “hamburger menu” (three stacked lines at top left) and then tapping the pull-down arrow beside your Gmail account name. That will open an account management menu where you can tap “+ Add account” and then sign into your Yahoo account through the Gmail app.

There are settings in the Facebook app that will prevent videos from automatically streaming when you are away from Wi-Fi. I don’t use Facebook, so I can’t walk through this myself, but my understanding is that you would click on the three lines in the right hand corner on the white toolbar, swipe down and look for “App Settings.” Under these settings, set “Autoplay video” to “WiFi only.” (Perhaps someone here who uses Facebook will confirm.)

Although the blog is a little old and some of the steps might have changed a bit, there are other tips here: Wi-Fi your apps!

Please look for a message from me in your Community Inbox at

for some additional details about your situation.


Thank you for your suggestions. I have removed the Facebook app and will use it in my browser. Will check into the other information that you have offered as well. Thanks for your time!


Thank you so much for your help. I will now go through Gmail for my mail. I have also uninstalled the Facebook app. I really appreciate your time and the message you sent as well. I hope that I am now on my way to enjoying my new phone. I am very impressed with the responses that I have received, and am grateful to Republic for helping me adjust to my new phone. Many thanks!



FWIW, I have a Moto X Pure and do not use Facebook or Yahoo mail. My data usage is very tame. So much so, that as the end of the month nears, I tether up and burn off the surplus.


After many communications with Republic Wireless, I have discontinued my service. I was a happy customer for three years until I purchased a new Moto X Pure. This phone is terrible. It continued to burn thru data even after I tried every suggestion offered. Then after traveling for the first time with this new phone, I no longer had coverage in areas where I previously did my prior three years. Something was not right here. I still contend that upgrading to a new phone should result in better technology, not worse. This and the lack of any real help or offers from Republic led me to cancel my account and go elsewhere. I now have a brand new useless phone. Buyers beware. : ((


Hi @sherryf.jlehus

Truly sorry you have found your MXP and RW unacceptable after all this time. I can honestly say I love my MXP and consider it the best phone I have ever owned.

After reading through this thread, I noticed no mention of CDMA vs. GSM networks. Your old X1 would have been on Sprints CDMA network, whereas on the newer MXP, it’s likely on RW’s GSM partner. Was this ever discussed with support?.

I just wonder if maybe this is the source of your diminished coverage. Having used the X1 and X2 previously, I have not noticed any significant use of data on the MXP than the previous devices.

Anyway, sorry to see you go and wish you the best of luck.


Thanks for your kind words. I hated to leave, as I was always very happy, I was on the plan that paid back for unused data. Almost always just barely used half of my data and was refunded. So, to make this switch and not even be able to make it through the month without constantly being aware of data usage was not going to work. Nobody mentioned the networks, but the phone did work in my area. It was while traveling that I had the phone switching continually from wireless and no cellular data. Never saw this with my Moto X 1st gen. Anyway, sorry to sound so bitter but my disappointment remains. Thanks and all the best to you, too.