Help with extra verification for password protected wifi

I’ve been trying for a couple years now to get this feature expanded:

There is an option in the RW app called “help with extra verification” which automatically completes steps such as checking a box for connecting to open wifi at your local coffee shop or grocery store.

I would like for this feature to also function with password protected wifi networks. At my work, we have campus wide wi-fi, which you connect to with a password. Once connected, you then must verify by checking a box and hitting submit on the pop-up. Until you verify, you are not actually connected to the internet despite being connected to wifi.

Here is my issue that nobody at RW has yet to understand:

1)come to work day 1, connect to wifi, verify and connect to internet, phone is now working on wi-fi.

2)although the phone will reconnect to the wifi at any time when coming on or off campus, or moving from access point to access point, it does not automatically verify as it would if I had arrived at my local Starbucks

This causes the issue of the phone being connected to wifi, but not to the internet, so the phone is now not receiving calls or texts. If the phone is in my pocket I have no idea if I need to re-verify unless I check my phone. So in effect, my phone could be not able to send or receive anything for hours.

So basically the only solution RW has given me is to not use wifi, but I feel like since the “help me with extra verification” already exists for open wifi, why could the feature not be expanded to work with password protected as well? Over the course of several years since I switched to RW, I’m spending 60 hours a week every year on cellular when I could be intact using the very high speed internet they offer at work.

RW suggestions pages have changed several times over the years so I’m just posting this again to hope that maybe someday someone will implement it.

Thanks you very much and please send me a free T-shirt :]


this was a beta feature in Republic 2.0 but it never work all that well (it causes more issues with me I disable it) and Republic has removed it from 3.0 phones so I would not expect any real work to be done on this

there are apps that claim to do this (I had about the same luck with them so I will not point to them )

They have improved it in later releases of the RW app and it works great now, I just wish it would also work for password protected wifi networks, I’d barely ever be on cellular if it did.

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