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I submitted help ticket yesterday no. 121 6 941. This was a request to change phones as the one i normally use is broken and being repaired. My wife had a phone on Republic so I just wanted to use her phone temporarily, with my important number. The response was prompt, but the result of the attempted change was wrong. I end up using her phone, but with her number. Can someone flag Republic to readdress this issue on the same ticket number? It is a business number and very important to me.

Hi @hossie,

Have you responded further on the open ticket apprising staff that the desired result hasn’t yet been achieved. If so, how long ago was that? Also, the ticket number you referenced has been redacted by the forum software. We’ll need you to repeat that with spaces between the numbers for us to be able to see it.

I’m a bit confused regarding what staff did. If your wife’s phone was already active with its own number and you’re now using that phone with her number, what did staff do? Is your broken phone still active with its number? Do you see both phones with their respective numbers when signed into your Republic account here: Phones | Republic Wireless? If you see only one (and presuming both phones are on the same account), which phone is it yours or your wife’s?

Hey @rolandh and @hossie, I followed up on this issue with our TAC team.

Looks like they have it progressing to resolution after a rocky start. If you’re not all squared away, please let us know.


Sorry for not responding sooner, but I’ve been so busy just trying to get up to speed on the new phone that I forgot all about you guys. Thanks to you and Tech Support for taking very good care of me - it’s working. Now to get my Moto x fixed. I’m also having much difficulty with the new community forum. Barely learned the other, and they changed it.

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