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I recently switched over to a S7 and I was super excited to use Samsung Pay because of its ability to work with magnetic strips and the points you can earn. I use a Discover IT student card. So far, I have been super disappointed with the results. Everytime I try to use Samsung Pay (with my Discover) with the magnetic strip, I get a “Transaction Declined” message. It’s interesting because if I use the same card with NFC tap to pay, it works perfectly-no declined message. I also have a Wells Fargo debit card and it works with the magnetic strip just fine. I chatted with a Discover rep and they blamed it on the merchants, but I don’t believe that. I have tried it at 3 different pay terminals at different places ( Auto Zone, Zaxby’s, and a square reader a family member owns). Anyone experiencing this or have it happen before? I would appreciate any tips ;).

I strongly recommend calling Samsung Pay support. They have the ability to review the transactions and see specific rejection reasons. Remember that these transactions use a virtual card number that is issued by the bank specifically for Samsung Pay transactions. I had the same issue with a card (not a Discover) and it was resolved through the work of the specific Samsung Pay support team.

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My phone is flashed. Do you think Samsung will “find out” if I call them? I know they will refuse support if they find out.

Good question, but the Samsung Pay support team is an app/bank focused team and when I worked with them we really never got in to the phone or talked about the phone at all. I can’t say for sure, but I imagine it is worth a shot.


I will definitely have to call! Thank you @louisdi!

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